Gradall Industries Introduces Series V Excavators With Volvo Engines

Aug. 13, 2015

Gradall Industries has announced the introduction of Series V hydraulic excavator models, including the upgrade to Tier 4-Final compliant diesel engines, acquired in an arrangement with Volvo Penta.

Tier 4 Final-compliant five- and eight-liter diesel engines meet the highest global standards including the demanding Stage IV (EU) and Tier 4 Final (US) emission reduction requirements. In addition, fuel efficiency is improved by up to 5%.

“Volvo Penta engines are ideal for us because they’re robust enough to power excavators that work off-highway in tough conditions,” says Mike Popovich, vice president of sales and marketing for excavators at Gradall.

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The Gradall models with the new engines include: Crawlers — XL 3200 V, XL 4200 V and XL 5200 V.. On/off highway — XL 3300 V, XL 4300 V and XL 5300 V.

Series V Gradall excavators in its crawler and on/off pavement wheeled model categories will be available this year, while Series V highway speed wheeled excavators will be available later.

Along with the new engine, Series V excavators include an upgraded high-performance, high-reliability 24-volt electrical system, creating a better power source. An operator safety option provides rollover protection that meets safety test requirements and is integrated within the existing cab structure, without external support.

All Series V models are equipped with the traditional Gradall advantages of versatility and productivity.

The design of the boom and chassis create a compact, low working profile, allowing machines to work under bridges, in tunnels, beneath trees, on the ground floor of parking lot and building construction sites and roadside jobs without obstructing traffic

The powerful telescoping boom design delivers constant boom forces and speed throughout the dig cycle an advantage over conventional knuckle booms. With the ability to precisely position a host of attachments for optimum productivity with a variety of challenges, the entire boom tilts up to 220 degrees with full boom power — another advantage over conventional excavators’ boom-end tilt attachments that sacrifice power.

The operator cabs are roomy and comfortable with standard features like air conditioning, ergonomically designed seating modules, removable front window, and a switch to select Gradall, SAE or Deere joystick patterns to create precise movements of the boom.

This series of excavators have almost 70 percent parts commonality, simplifying the task of maintaining inventories to complete common service functions. These machines also have longer routine service intervals, and most service locations can be reached from ground level. A network of authorized distributors supports all Gradall excavators, supplying service advice and authorized Gradall parts.

For information and the name of your nearby Gradall distributor who can provide an on-site demonstration of the Series V models, call Gradall at 330-339-2211 or visit