Chicago Pneumatic Launches New Red Hawk Series Gasoline-Powered Motor Drills and Breakers

Sept. 22, 2015

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio (September 22, 2015) – Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment has released three new Red Hawk gasoline-powered motor drills to the North American marketplace with the completely re-vamped Red Hawk Road, as well as the brand new Red Hawk Rail and Red Hawk Drill. The Red Hawk series provides a solution for jobs that require moving from task to task frequently, as well as remote areas with the easy portability that Red Hawk units deliver by eliminating the need for power packs, air compressors, generators or hoses.

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Red Hawk Road

The Red Hawk Road, which is 48 lbs. and 29 in. long, is the heavy hitter in CP’s Red Hawk range, delivering 44 ft-lb of impact at 1,440 blows per minute (bpm) with a vibration level of 23 ft/s2. While it is one of the most compact and powerful motor-driven breakers on the market, the Red Hawk Road has the same power-to-weight ratio as many pneumatic and hydraulic breakers. Ideal for applications that include breaking concrete and asphalt, sidewalk service, pothole repair/tamping, installing post signs/barriers and fences, and digging frozen or hard ground, the Red Hawk Road has enough impact energy to handle silica-rich rocks and reinforced concrete.

Red Hawk Rail

Designed specifically for railway applications, the 48 lb., and 29 in. Red Hawk Rail features impact energy of 30 ft-lb at 1,620 bpm with a vibration level of 22 ft/s2. It is a portable solution for tie tamping, as well as tamping around switches and cables. Power is optimized for fast, efficient tamping without damaging the ballast.

Red Hawk Drill

With an impact of 16 to 18 ft-lbs at 2,700 bpm, the versatile Red Hawk Drill is a multipurpose machine that is compact and lightweight at 55 lbs. and 29 in. in length, and combines breaking and drilling in one. The Red Hawk Drill is portable for a wide range of light service applications, from installing signposts to breaking small areas of concrete to fencing work. It is also ideal for splitting rock and digging holes in hard and frozen ground. The drill has a vibration level of 19 ft/s2 for breaking and 30 ft/s2 for drilling.

“The Red Hawk series is a completely portable solution that allows users to be more productive on the jobsite without having to deal with the hassles of hoses, air compressors, generators, or power packs,” said Gus Armbruster, product manager, handheld tools at Chicago Pneumatic. “With no need for setup like you would with a hydraulic or pneumatic tool, the work can get started immediately and still delivers the same powerful performance. The portability makes a big difference especially when travelling to remote sites that make it hard for air compressors and generators to get to.”

Optional accessories for the Red Hawk series are available with a service kit, trolley, and carrying harness. The trolley features include a high-quality, durable finish, and large inflatable wheels for handling rugged terrain. The design allows for easy mounting/dismounting of the breaker. In addition, the trolley holds up to four working tools. The carrying harness fits like a backpack and holds the Red Hawk unit as well as four working tools. It has adjustable straps at the waist and shoulders, as well as two storage compartments.

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