Atlas Copco’s New LG504 Compactor

Sept. 10, 2016

Atlas Copco’s new forward and reversible LG504 plate compactor gives contractors optimal traction for compacting soil on steep slopes and travels as fast as 105 feet per minute depending on the soil and application.

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The unit replaces Atlas Copco’s LG500 and includes high frequency and amplitude as well as generates as much as 14,612 foot-pounds of centrifugal force for superior traction. The hydraulic forward and reversible system allows the operator to compact in one spot.

The LG504 is ideal for compacting medium to deep layers of granular soils and features a 2-foot wide plate. Its low-vibration handle and rubber insulator reduce hand and arm vibrations and overall operator fatigue. The LG504 follows Atlas Copco’s new streamlined design for its plate compactors. This includes a heavy-duty frame to protect the engine and a flip-open cover that allows operators to easily access and maintain the engine.