Durajoint Concrete Accessories Adds Patented Preco Safety Rebar Caps to Its Product Offering

Oct. 17, 2016

CLEVELAND – October 2016 – Durajoint Concrete Accessories Corporation has recently added the Preco® Safety Rebar Cap to its product offerings. This new OSHA-compliant rebar safety cap features a unique, patented design that enables reuse. Rebar safety caps protect workers and pedestrians from vertically protruding rebar at jobsites.

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Unlike other rebar caps on the market, the patented Preco Safety Rebar Cap provides extended reuse because it does not have breakable fins, thereby providing a longer product life cycle.  In addition to fitting #3 to #8 rebar, the Preco Rebar Safety Cap has a tilt-free neck design which enables ease of installation, secure placement, and enhanced jobsite safety.

“Because of its unique design, contractors can truly reuse our new Preco Rebar Safety Cap,” commented Michael E. Diskin, president and CEO, Durajoint Concrete Accessories. “Safety rebar caps are imperative for jobsite safety.”

Diskin added, “Because we are so confident that once contractors use this new cap, they will see the benefits, we are offering to send a free sample to contractors who visit our website www.durajoint.com/form4.php or call us at 888.833.8308.

About Durajoint Concrete Accessories

Headquartered in Garrettsville, Ohio, Durajoint Concrete Accessories Corporation manufactures a range of high-quality, superior-performance products for the concrete industry including, Preco® Forming Accessories such as rebar supports,  spacers, shims, clips, chairs, slab bolsters, chairs, wheels and rebar caps.

To complement its line of Preco concrete accessories, the company also manufactures Durajoint® “The Original” Waterstop for use in concrete structures required to be leak-proof and exposed to hydrostatic pressure.

A veteran-owned company, Durajoint Concrete Accessories has built its reputation as a one-stop-shop supplier with exceptional customer service for its cast-in-place and precast concrete construction customers.

For more information, or for a free sample of the Preco rebar safety cap, please contact: (888) 833-8308 or visit: http://www.durajoint.com/form4.php