VIDEO: engcon Streamlines Digging in the United States and Canada

Jan. 10, 2017

Jan 10, 2017. engcon’s core product, the tiltrotator, a kind of tilting and rotating quick coupler for excavators from 1.7 to 35.3 tons, makes it possible to tilt the bucket or other tool 45+/- degrees and rotate it 360 degrees. This reduces the need to keep moving the machine, which saves time, reduces fuel consumption and machine wear. Fewer machine movements also lessen the risk of injury, while the tilt and rotate functions allow operators to work in tight spaces and with improved accuracy. engcon’s system also makes it possible to hydraulically connect a large number of attachments without leaving the driver’s seat.

Since the first engcon tiltrotator hit the market in 1990, the concept has become standard on almost all excavators between 1.7 to 35.3 tons in the Nordic regions and across large parts of Europe and Australia. Now, engcon is investing in the US and Canada with a new company, engcon North America, Inc., starting in the New York tri-state area (New Jersey, New York and Connecticut). Sales teams are currently being recruited for the new office, which is scheduled to open in spring 2017.

Krister Blomgren, CEO of engcon, says: ”This is a logical move for us because we’ve noticed a steadily growing interest in North America for the engcon tiltrotator, together with our fully hydraulic quick hitch Q-Safe and EC-Oil automatic oil coupling facility. Our complete system provides a safe and convenient way to connect and disconnect the mechanical and hydraulic attachment on the excavator – something we believe there is a real need for in the North American market.”

engcon North America will be responsible for the entire American and Canadian market and will focus on identifying appropriate customers who can benefit from engcon’s advanced tiltrotator technology.

”Our tiltrotator, quick release and associated products can increase the efficiency and profitability of 1.7 to 35.3 tons excavators dramatically. These benefits are something we are used to in the Nordic countries since almost all excavators are equipped with a tiltrotator – now engcon is bringing these impressive benefits to North America,” says Krister Blomgren.

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Official North American launch at Conexpo

engcon is planning the official launch of its new North America operation at Conexpo, one of the world’s largest construction trade fairs, which takes place from March 7-11, 2017 in Las Vegas.

”We will have our own booth at Conexpo to showcase engcon’s products for this exciting new market,” concludes Krister Blomgren

engcon is currently recruiting a Sales Manager and a Junior Sales Representative for the new New York-area North America office to serve the end-user market. In parallel with this, the company is looking to build a network of distributors and service partners who are interested in selling and servicing engcon products in the US and Canada, and looks forward to meeting with them while in Las Vegas.

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