Buzzed on Drones

March 10, 2017

I love drones. I own a drone. Apparently, a number of industries are loving drones, and a lot more are about to. That’s why I’m urging you to check out the new series of feature articles that the website Construction Dive is publishing titled, “Drones in Construction: Everything You Need to Know.”

The opening paragraph says, Construction is one of several industries propelling commercial drone use, as companies can use the devices for surveying, inspection and data collection. The Federal Aviation Administration’s final commercial drone rules released last year kicked the industry into high gear, and, as a result, more construction companies are now implementing drones into their operations. However, there are regulations, potential risks and service options to consider before launching a drone program. Here’s what construction firms need to know about drones, and what’s on the horizon for the budding industry.”

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At ConExpo 2017, the Tech Experience featured a sort of aviary for drones. During its ConExpo press conference, John Deere announced a partnership with drone service, Kespry. I have no doubt drones will eventually be as integrated into a construction project as the heavy equipment itself.

The series of features on Construction Dive really does tell you just about everything you need to know about drones and their use in the industry. There are six articles:

  • “Learning to fly: A primer on drones in construction”
  • “Top trends shaping drone use on the job site”
  • “18 drone companies taking off in construction”
  • “Drone law: How new rules and evolving tech are changing the path of UAVs in construction”
  • “5 steps to adding drones to construction operations”
  • “From liftoff to landing: Drones by the numbers”

Once you know everything you need to know about drones, consider this, drone technology continually is evolving and improving. The cameras and sensors are cutting edge. Many drones now come standard with obstacle avoidance. Battery life is lasting longer and longer. We may see drones running on artificial intelligence before we see it in the iron.

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Are you using drones on your job sites?