Atlas Copco unveils complete HiLight range for a brighter, safer and more productive site

March 30, 2017

March, 2017 – ROCK HILL, S.C. – Atlas Copco has expanded its range of HiLight towers to seven models, including four advanced LED solutions. The comprehensive HiLight range gives users a variety of choices when it comes to sourcing safe and efficient light towers for multiple applications and industries, including construction, outdoor events and industrial applications.

The HiLight range includes the H5+, B5+, V5+ and E3+ LED light towers, plus the V4, H4 and E2 metal halide variants.

Atlas Copco’s latest LED light towers feature a unique, fully directional optic lens that maximizes practical light coverage while minimizing dark spots. A single HiLight LED light tower, depending on the model, can illuminate large areas with an average brightness of 20 lux. They also can run as long as 260 hours before needing to be refueled and consume less than 0.25 gallons of fuel per hour.

Atlas Copco’s HiLight H5+ is ideal for large construction sites where workers are constantly on the move. The unit offers low fuel consumption and each of its four LED lamps project 350 watts of light for a 5,900-square-yard illumination area. The H5+ is compact and easy to transport; contractors can fit as many as 10 units on a 42-foot trailer.

The HiLight B5+ is recommended for applications including music and sporting events, residential construction, road construction, temporary public lighting and oil and gas. Demonstrating Atlas Copco’s latest LED technology, the lamps offer exceptional durability without any loss in lux levels. The vertical hydraulic mast provides maximum safety for workers by illuminating an area as large as 5,900 square yards. The B5+ model features a compact box-unit design, which makes it ideal for mass transportation and easy installation. Consuming less than 0.25 gallons of fuel per hour, the B5+ has a can run as long as 260 hours before needing to be refueled.

Ideal for general construction and tough mining conditions, the HiLight V5+ can also illuminate a 5,900-square-yard area while saving as much as 60 percent in fuel compared to the typical fuel consumption of a 6-kilowatt metal halide solution. The LED lamps in the V5+ are designed for both portability and performance. Heavy-duty floodlights benefit from high ingress protection (IP) and impact protection (IK) ratings.

The HiLight V4 is the leading solution within the 4,000-watt metal-halide light tower segment and can illuminate an area of 4,700 square yards. What’s more, the HiLight V4 and V5+ models boast the most compact footprint within the manual mast segment, enabling users to load as many as 20 units per truck. The models also integrate a number of important features, including a spillage-free frame and the renowned HardHat® polyethylene canopy. The canopy withstands corrosion, dents and fading, providing ongoing protection of the engine and overall unit while keeping the resale value high. Unlike ABS canopies, the HardHat canopy will not crack on impact with debris or other materials.

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The HiLight V4’s metal halide sibling, the HiLight H4, has a heavy-duty galvanized steel canopy, hydraulic mast and can illuminate an area of 4,700 square yards.

Completing the expanded range, the new HiLight E2 and E3+ are electric models with exceptional plug-and-light capabilities. Users simply connect to any power source, including auxiliary power, an electrical generator or directly into the grid, which helps deliver superior levels of energy efficiency.

The E2 covers about 2,300 square yards and the E3+, which benefits from the latest LED technology, can illuminate a 3,500-square-yard area. The light towers can be used for a variety of applications, including events, urban construction, road construction and temporary public lighting.