New Sandvik Double TriSpec® Tools Last Longer in Abrasive Asphalt Milling Applications

March 31, 2017

Bristol, VA – Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology introduces its new Double TriSpec® tool, which is intended for use in extremely abrasive asphalt milling conditions. In road milling, the greatest cause of tool failure is known as body wash – the premature wearing away of the steel body that surrounds and supports the vital brazed-carbide insert in each of the tools on the milling drum. When body wash occurs, the tool’s steel body becomes vulnerable to failure, and the tool must be changed long before the carbide tip has been fully utilized – resulting in downtime, lost production and higher labor costs.

Based on its popular TriSpec tools, which are designed with one carbide ring to prevent body wear, the Double TriSpec tool features an additional carbide ring. This additional ring, strategically located at the shoulder of the tool, prevents body wash and extends the life of the tool’s steel body. With no compromise on cutting speed, the design allows for maximum utilization of the carbide tip, which is able to wear evenly and in proportion to the tools located across the drum.  The new dual carbide ring design maintains puller groove performance throughout the life of the tool for easy removal, as it reduces wear on the washer and block. It also adds greater block protection, reducing costly block repair.

The Double TriSpec tools will fit any milling machine.

Key Features:

  • Strategically placed dual carbide rings prevents body wear, maximizing carbide tip use
  • Carbide rings also add greater block protection if tip is lost
  • Full sleeve retainer and washer maintain maximum block bore and seat protection
  • Improved thicker washer increases protection and wear life

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