June 26, 2018
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New, comprehensive courses will prepare novice and expert operators for air- and hydro- excavation projects

As vacuum excavators expand use beyond horizontal directional drilling (HDD) jobsites to other industrial applications such as microtrenching, operators require new technology, tools and information to be productive and safe on the job. Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, recently introduced the Ditch Witch Certified Vacuum Excavation Training program to help both novice and experienced operators maintain performance and safety when using vacuum excavators on today’s diverse jobsites.

“We recognize that vacuum excavation is being adopted to conquer a wide range of jobs and we want to ensure operators are prepared,” said Greg Wolfe, Ditch Witch director of training. “With our new vacuum excavation training courses, operators will receive an advanced education to safely and effectively use the machines for new and traditional applications. We’re excited for what’s next in preparing our crews for today’s diverse jobsites, and the new training program is a great complement to our existing offering of HDD courses.”

The training program features a series of industry-leading courses that provide the most comprehensive vacuum excavation training instruction on the market today. And, as vacuum excavation technology continues to evolve, the training program is designed to educate both novice and expert operators on new machine functionality and applications. Each course provides detailed information on a subject related to vacuum excavation, including machine operation best practices, safety procedures, tooling selection and advanced equipment controls.

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Participants can complete the entire program online anytime, anywhere from a computer or smart device. The full training program provides content on how to efficiently, productively and safely use vacuum excavation equipment. The online training program allows users to take the courses at their own speed and return to any course, as needed. After all courses are fully completed, participants can print an official Ditch Witch Certified Training certificate of completion.

In addition to the online courses, crews have the option to work with their local Ditch Witch dealer to participate in an instructor-led classroom course, dealer-site training on the equipment, or receive training on the actual jobsite.

The training program is part of the full suite of Ditch Witch customer productivity tools – including Parts Lookup, Orange Intel and HDD Advisor® – available through the customer’s MyDitchWitch online account – with a single login to consolidate all customer engagement tools in one location.

For more information on Ditch Witch Certified Training, visit https://www.ditchwitch.com/training.