And Then Dirt Movers Stepped In

Feb. 27, 2019
Gx As Blog

For years now, I’ve been watching as our industry developed mind-blowing heavy equipment that included groundbreaking technologies that help execute incredibly ambitious projects. I’m witnessing another leap forward that is expanding the footprint of the dirt moving universe.

I recently received a press release from Volvo CE announcing a sustainability campaign in which it is partnering with National Geographic. Their goal is to save and protect an historic region between India and Bangladesh from the threat of rising sea levels.

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According to Volvo CE:

“The treasured Sundarbans delta is home to the Bengali Tiger and proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site—but is under the continual threat of devastation without urgent and long-term action.

Situated along the Bay of Bengal, the Sundarbans is home to several endangered species and 4.5 million people. Following a devastating cyclone in 2009, fertile soil was destroyed, livestock killed and the mud walls protecting the islands washed away. As a result, the area is extremely exposed to flooding with tides so dramatic that about a third of land disappears and reappears every day. The problem is also compounded by a lack of clean water in India, a country where 80% of the water is polluted.

The campaign reveals how 20 Volvo excavators have been working on the heritage site to physically build up these embankments again and ensure the land and livestock are protected from the damage caused by saltwater flooding.

Blending cinematic content with a story rooted in purpose, the digital partnership will take the form of a series of short films released to a global audience during a one-month-long joint campaign. This will not only be broadcast from today as part of Volvo CE’s award-winning ‘The Megaproject Listing’—a global digital campaign showcasing some of the most incredible construction projects from around the world—but also across National Geographic’s digital channels.

Bill Law, Senior Vice President of Communications at Volvo CE, says, ‘This incredible project is another step forward in our global fight against climate change and we are proud to play our part in very literally building a better world. We are delighted that we can highlight the significance of this scheme alongside National Geographic—not only do we share the purpose of building tomorrow, but this partnership allows us to deliver this message to an even greater global audience.’”

There is very little “horn-blowing” here. It’s simply the story of helping a community recover and thrive after a natural disaster. Take a few minutes to watch the video and go to the website for more information on the Sundarbans