May 20, 2019

A game conceived for the public at Bauma will support a project for safeguarding the Amazon rainforest.

Seregno (Italy), May 20, 2019 – Hitting the center of a BKT tire, putting together a jigsaw puzzle in two minutes, and kicking a ball and make goal: this was the challenge BKT launched at Bauma – a course designed for sportspeople but also for true environment lovers, as the initiative’s name suggest: ”Play and stay green!”. A simple game that will actually contribute to sustaining the life of the Amazon rainforest. Thanks to the cooperation with Cesvi, indeed, 350 trees will be planted and protected - one for each of the 350 participants, who mastered the course successfully.

BKT, a major global Off-Highway tire manufacturer, is definitely not a newbie when it comes to initiatives for safeguarding our planet. It has been a long time that the company participated at international exhibitions taking there not only products, but also projects, values, ideas, fundamental elements of its mission: quality, technology, innovation and service, but also attention for communities, the environment, and people’s future.

This time the attention focuses on the Department of Madre de Dios, a part of Amazonia in Peru, as the result of a close cooperation with Cesvi, an Italian NPO that has been operating for over 30 years on a global level. The organization aims at providing aid in major humanitarian crises and at realizing projects fighting poverty and supporting a sustainable development (

Being considered the Earth’s lung, Amazonia is one of the planet’s places with the highest level of biodiversity, but also with levels of soil degradation and deforestation above the average due to mainly illegal wood extraction activities. Cesvi cooperates with the native communities in Peru on projects for safeguarding biodiversity and the environment. The aim is to make the local populations real Guardians of Amazonia that are able to safeguard the rainforest favoring both the economic and community development at the same time.

The planet is in danger, but BKT is fully aware of this fact committing itself to continuous research into sustainable processes and materials in addition to its participation in international projects on environmental protection. This includes the first wind power plants, which were installed at the Bhiwadi production site in 2004, to the most recent R&D Center in Bhuj, which was inaugurated in 2017, where intensive work aiming at a sustainable future is done.

In this direction also goes a recent project for developing substitute materials to natural rubber, as the increasing global demand for rubber that will reach 17 million tons by 2025 will soon lead to a shortage in this raw material.

For the purpose of developing new compounding methods based on the use of TKS rubber deriving from Russian Dandelion as renewable and sustainable alternative to natural rubber, BKT has actually undersigned a joint research agreement with Kultevat Inc., an American company specialized in green technology headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Thanks to the idea of a simple game, BKT goes another step ahead in terms of environmental responsibility. As always the prize is of high value: contributing to make the world a better place for everyone.