RP-250 Provides Benefits of Tires with Floatation of Tracks

June 5, 2019

The Roadtec RP-250e paver is a heavy-duty 10’ (3m) paver that combines the advantages of rubber tires with the tractive effort of a tracked paver. This large footprint 250 hp machine has increased traction and flotation with a smooth ride. The RP-250's large diamond tread, high-flotation drive tires paired with an adjustable frame-raise feature provide superior weight distribution and tractive effort.

Like all Roadtec pavers, the RP-250e features Roadtec's exclusive anti-segregation design of the feed tunnel, the feed tunnel discharge, and the rear augers.  

For more visit: https://www.roadtec.com/products/asphalt-pavers/rp-250