Next is Now: Bobcat Company reinvents the compact equipment industry with new product generations, new product lines

Sept. 18, 2019

  (WEST FARGO, N.D. – September 2019) Bobcat Company invented the compact equipment industry more than 60 years ago with the world’s first compact loader. Now the company is reinventing the industry. Bobcat is widening its product offering, enhancing its industry-leading equipment and providing innovative new designs and intelligent technologies to meet its customers changing needs.

Next is happening right now at Bobcat. This philosophy drives the new, fully integrated brand campaign Next is Now officially launched to the public today at the Next is Now media event held in Aurora, Colorado, at the new Bobcat Training Center – a new 44,400 square-foot facility developing and deploying world-class training to certified Bobcat compact equipment dealers.

“With the launch of Next is Now, we are creating solutions that are unique and innovative with connected technologies,” said Scott Park, CEO of Doosan Bobcat, Inc. “Next is Now means customers can continuously rely on Bobcat to lead the industry with the tools that help them do more and do it better.”

During the media event, Scott Park detailed the company’s vision to be the global leader in compact equipment. Mike Ballweber, president of Doosan Bobcat North America, introduced a series of new Bobcat products launching as part of the Next is Now campaign and Joel Honeyman, vice president of global innovation, demonstrated industry-leading technologies available on the newest Bobcat machines.

What’s next: New products

Bobcat is launching innovative products into both new and existing markets. The company is not just going to be the global leader in compact construction equipment; the goal is to lead the entire compact equipment industry. That means a wider product line, more frequent product updates and innovative designs and technologies that will force competitors to play catch-up.

“The challenges our customers face change and evolve every day,” says Ballweber. “They depend on equipment that works just as hard, if not harder than they do. With these new products, we’re offering them a comprehensive lineup from a brand they trust to get the work done.”

R-Series Compact Loaders

Bobcat revolutionized the industry when they invented the compact loader more than 60 years ago. And Bobcat isn’t stopping. The new R-Series machines have been completely redesigned, inside and outside, to be the most powerful, durable loaders built by Bobcat. It’s the revolution our customers’ work demands. The first models of R-Series loaders will be available in early 2020.

Compact Tractors

Bobcat is bringing its legendary quality home to acreage owners, hobby farmers and anyone who loves maintaining their land. The lineup of 15 professional-quality machines, ranging from 21 – 58 horsepower, offers all the versatility and durability they need for a variety of projects around their acreages.

R2-Series E42 and E50 Compact Excavators

New R2-Series compact excavators are a further iteration of the R-Series compact excavators to deliver a new look and improved quality, reliability and dependability. The new R2-Series machines offer improved over-the-side digging performance and slewing ability, thanks to a new design and integrated counterweight. R2-Series excavators offer increased lift capacities, enhanced cooling, quieter cabs, class-leading visibility and easier access to service areas. Low-effort joysticks respond easily to operator input, enabling longer operation with less fatigue.

E145 Excavator

Now customers can get the larger size and power combo they need from Bobcat for all worksite tasks. This new, larger-class excavator pairs well with large-frame Bobcat loaders and delivers quick cycle times; powerful hydraulic, arm and bucket forces; and a spacious cab – all to improve operator productivity.

Small Articulated Loaders

Another new product from Bobcat, small articulated loaders are sized to easily fit into backyards yet offer impressive lifting capacity. They are ideal for landscaping, tree care, tree removal and snow removal tasks. Bobcat small articulated loaders are easy to transport and offer a light footprint for low turf disturbance. The first Bobcat small articulated loaders will be available in early 2020.

What’s next: New technologies

The future isn’t just more powerful, it’s digital and connected. Bobcat is pushing into this space to connect people and machines in new and innovative ways. These technologies will allow dealers to better serve customers and help operators work more efficiently, more safely and in ways they never dreamed possible.

“Innovation has been at the forefront of Bobcat Company since the start,” says Honeyman. “With these new technologies, we’re furthering our commitment to delivering the latest solutions available with state-of-the-art technology.”

Bobcat MaxControl Remote Operation

This new technology provides convenient, easily accessible remote-control operation using an app on a smartphone. With Bobcat®MaxControl remote operation, two-person jobs become single-worker tasks so customers can accomplish more with a smaller crew. Available on M2-Series and R-Series compact loaders with Selectable Joystick Controls (iOS only).

Bobcat Machine IQ Wireless Communications / Bobcat Owner Portal

Customers can take machine management to a new level with Bobcat® Machine IQ and the Bobcat Owner Portal. Using wireless communication technology, Bobcat machines can be monitored from anywhere, getting critical information to decrease downtime and reduce costs.

Bobcat Touch Display

The most advanced in-cab display improves the operator experience, helping operators more efficiently use the machines and react to unique situations. The optional, full-color 7-inch display features a wide touchscreen to change settings, match performance to the job and continuously monitor the machine’s maintenance needs. It comes with a USB power port and active noise canceling during phone calls. Available as an option for new R-Series compact loaders, E85 excavators and new R2-Series compact excavators.

Bob-Dock Attachment Mounting System

Bobcat is revolutionizing the way the compact equipment industry changes attachments with the Bob-Dock™ system – a cutting edge, hands-free hydraulic attachment mounting system. Now Bobcat compact loader operators can change most hydraulic attachments without leaving the comfort of the cab. The Bob-Dock system is available for select M2-Series skid-steer and compact track loaders, and the A770 all-wheel steer loader.

What’s next: Renewed spirit

Change is inevitable. The difference between those companies that come and go and those that stand the test of time is their ability to consistently find the energy to drive that change. To lead, not follow. Bobcat is driving that change with confidence that can only be earned with decades of experience. Bobcat is fueled by new leadership, new training and innovation facilities, a dedicated dealer network, and a renewed focus on what the Bobcat brand stands for.

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