Sept. 3, 2020
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Gradall® extends the productivity of Series V excavators with the Telestick™ attachment, allowing for a boom reach to as much as 50 feet. Equipped with ditching, grading and dredging buckets as well as a grapple, the Telestick is ideal for cleaning canals, grading and shaping the edges of drainage ditches. cleaning out culverts and removing debris after severe storms and flooding. 

“The Telestick is very popular with irrigation districts and water departments, particularly in the Southwest where directing and controlling water flow is so important,” said Mike Popovich, vice president of Gradall excavator products. “In Texas, they’ve found that Telestick versatility comes in handy to reach out and clean up debris that’s been pushed up against bridge pillars in rivers.” 

Telesticks are popular attachments for XL 5100V and XL 4100V model excavators with highway speed undercarriages, as well as XL 5200V models on crawler undercarriages designed to operate on very rough terrain. With a Telestick, XL 5000V Series machines are able to reach out 50 feet, while XL 4000V Series models have a 45-foot reach. 

The unique Gradall-engineered high-pressure, load-sensing hydraulic system efficiently powers the entire boom movement as it reaches across waterways, deep into ponds and canals, and tilts 220 degrees to productively address slopes and even reach under bridges and in tunnels. 

The Telestick can typically be installed in less than 30 minutes using the standard boom-end bucket adapter and two pins. Installation requires no lifting, and because it can be attached and removed quickly, the versatile excavators can be used for both standard and long-reach jobs in a single day. 

With Gradall’s unique design, all hydraulic tubing and hoses are located safely inside the triangular boom. In just seconds, a single operator can attach hydraulic hoses to put extra power and productivity at the Gradall excavator boom end. 

On models with highway speed undercarriages, operators can drive the machines to job sites at 60 mph and then reposition them along the edges and ditches of canals from the upper structure cab. 

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