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Take control of wheel loader operation like never before. Newly enhanced CASE G Series wheel loaders simplify operation through an all-new touchscreen display and give operators even greater control with new adjustable electro-hydraulic controls, optimized power modes and new programmable configurable buttons near the joystick. These new buttons put your most common settings and functions mere inches away from the joystick, further simplifying operation.

All while delivering — and improving — the power, productivity and efficiency you already expect from CASE G Series wheel loaders. Extreme fuel efficiency, lower engine operating temperatures and a no DPF/no regen emissions solution are matched with new features designed to shorten cycle times, increase uptime and make you even more efficient.

An optional, factory-integrated payload system drives greater accuracy and loading efficiency in operations from quarries and job sites to feedlots and supply yards — and makes the investment/deployment in a payload system entirely turnkey (no separate financing/installation/etc.). Most importantly, you’ll reduce the wear and tear on your wheel loaders by completing cycles more efficiently, and you’ll eliminate the risk of sending trucks down the road either underloaded or overloaded.

And we’ve got your back with even greater uptime support: the all-new SiteConnect Module helps get equipment up and running faster, and allows for even greater collaboration on fleet management from CASE and your local CASE dealer.

Uptime and cycle times completely optimized and made more efficient. That’s the CASE G Series wheel loader promise.