Cat launches Trial 11 - Hot Wheels

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Remember the hours you spent as a kid playing with Hot Wheels®? Maybe it was all those adventures in the sandbox. Or maybe it was the time you spent creating the most challenging track setups you could imagine. How cool it would be in real life? With Caterpillar, you don’t have to imagine it, as with Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels® we’ve created an epic playground with the Next Generation Cat® Wheel Loaders and other Cat gear, incorporating life-sized versions of the cars you grew up with. We brought in professional stunt drivers and track designers and equipment operators from around the country, leaning on Cat machines and technology to bring it all to life. Those operators had a blast taking this trip back in time to their childhood. They are passionate about their jobs and that was clear when you saw the incredible, finished track. They are:

  • Thomas Brown – Morgan Corp.
  • Edgardo Montano – ER Jahna
  • Ryan Hinojosa – Silver Creek Materials
  • Tia Shadley – Illinois Civil Contractors Inc.
  • Anthony Alonzo – Wells Excavation
  • Teresa Braun – N.E. Finch Co.

The Next Generation Cat Wheel Loaders will redefine what it means to be fully loaded – with high production and low-cost-per-ton performance. Do you want powerful digging, accurate loads, fast cycle times, great technology and fuel efficiency? These wheel loaders will give you all that and more and were integral in the making of Cat Trial 11.

It also highlights Cat services on the five cars:

  • Baja Truck / Certified Rebuild - A rebuilt vehicle can do anything a new one can… like big jumps. The baja truck highlights our Cat Certified Rebuild Program which allows you to take advantage of the extra value built into your Cat® equipment, returning end-of-life machines, systems and components to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new.
  • Buggy / Self-Service Options – Sometimes it just makes sense to do your own repairs and maintenance. The Cat Trial 11 buggy features Cat® Self-Service Options which offer a broad range of common repair options, packaged with everything you need to do the work yourself — in your shop or in the field.
  • Loop Car / Hoses & Couplings – Hoses and Couplings are critical components that carry the lifeblood of hydraulic equipment, so hose reliability can make a huge difference in your operation. Featured on one of the loop cars, Caterpillar is the only OEM that supplies its own hoses, couplings and assembly kits.
  • Loop Car / Cat Financial – Cat Financial is your global partner and the Cat Card has always been the fast, easy way to pay for partsservicerentals and more. Featured on one of the loop cars, it allows multiple users on one account and expense tracking by job, plus service and support from a dedicated Cat Financial Cat Card customer support team.
  • Rip Rod / Repair Options – A Hot Wheels® version of the iconic Cat Dealer Service truck highlights the Repair Options Cat provides to make sure our customers have what they need, where they need, no matter where they need it. Customers can choose from five levels of Repair Options.
  • And the Cat Rental Store has everything you need, no matter what the job. For Cat Trial 11, it supplied the genset that powered the Hot Wheels® Power Booster…giving the cars that extra boost needed to do some amazing drifts. The Cat Rental Store can do the same thing for you.