Exposures You Might Not Have Considered

Sept. 1, 1999
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Operational Exposures:

  • Excavation through and spreading of unknown previously contaminated soil
  • Impacting underground utility lines and other underground structures (and associated business interruption exposure)
  • Disturbing naturally occurring asbestos
  • Release of oils/fuels as a result of vandalism
  • Spills of chemicals and fuels (e.g., mobile refueling tanks) brought onto the site
  • Lubricants, oils, and other fuels from field equipment
  • Impacting groundwater from drilling and excavation work (e.g., dewatering operations)
  • Impacting surface water or wetlands from excavation work (e.g., excessive silting)
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Owned Premise Exposure:

  • Leaking underground/aboveground storage tanks
  • Residual contamination from minor spills of oils, fuel, lubricants, etc. and poor housekeeping
  • Surface contamination from fuels and lubricants stored improperly (without secondary containment)
  • Improper disposal of waste materials
  • Unidentified preexisting contaminant from past owners of the premises

Transportation Exposure:

  • Inadvertent transport and subsequent disposal of unknown contaminated soil
  • Spills of asphaltic cement during transport
  • Resulting pollution from collision with various structures (e.g., pole-mounted transformers, aboveground tanks)
  • Fuel/oil spills from vandalism
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Disposal Expenses:

  • Inappropriate disposal of products
  • Misdelivery of unidentified contaminated fill
  • Retroactive liability under Superfund for past disposal practices (e.g., construction debris in a landfill that is now on the Superfund list) —From ECS Underwriting, Exton, PA