Software for Contractors

No longer do contractors have to rely on “by guess and by golly.” To an extent never before known, technology-based information systems allow contractors to have more accurate data available, giving them the control they need in a format that’s easier to understand and use. And as the feasibility of implementing data systems becomes more cost-effective, it’s easier than ever to have a competitive edge.

Accounting Software

Most accounting software covers general accounting needs. Unfortunately, most of this software does not include applications designed specifically for contractors. Several firms, however, have created excellent software packages that deliver answers at the touch of a button.

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Agresso Corporation
2440 W. El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
Phone: 650/426-6011 Fax: 650/426-6060
Agresso 5 is a fully integrated financial software solution used by more than 1,200 European customers with special emphasis on the A/E/C industry. United States companies can now benefit from the Agresso family of financial applications: project costing and billing, logistics, and human resources. Agresso features multicurrency and multilingual capabilities. Agresso runs on Win 95, NT, and UNIX operating systems.

The American Contractor 2000
The American Contractor
1500 41st St., Suite 1-A
Capitola, CA 95010-2919
Phone: 800/333-8435 Fax: 831/479-9924
The American Contractor products are a fully integrated set of accounting and job-cost software packages for construction and service contractors. Applications include job-cost tracking, work orders and dispatching, integrated accounting, purchase orders, billings, payroll, estimating, equipment costing, inventory, and subcontract control. The American Contractor runs on Windows and DOS operating systems.

Bluegrass for Windows
Bluegrass Technology Inc.
1145 Synder Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: 800/784-9669 Fax: 215/271-9861
Bluegrass is a modular, fully integrated accounting program designed for all types and sizes of contractors-from general to highway and heavy to trades. Flexibility offers choices to meet specific customer requirements. Bluegrass runs on Win 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

BIS for Windows
Management Information Control Systems Inc.
2995 McMillan Ave., Suite 296
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: 800/838-MICS Fax: 805/543-0373
Builder Information System (BIS) software is designed to meet the accounting needs of small- to medium-size general contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors. The real-time feature allows immediate updating of books and other financial information. BIS runs on Win 95, NT, DOS, Novelle Netware, Lantastic, and Net Bids 0.5 systems.

Mitchell Humphrey & Company
11720 Borman Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146-4192
Phone: 800/237-0028 Fax: 314/991-5288
FMS II is a comprehensive suite of client/server financial management applications. The applications include G/L, A/P, A/R, budgeting and financial planning, fixed assets, project accounting, purchasing, inventory, fund accounting, customization tools, F/S warehouse, consolidations, sales orders, and decision support. FMS II runs on Windows NT, UNIX, and proprietary platforms.

The Foundation Accounting System
Foundation Software Inc. 150 Pearl Rd. Brunswick, OH 44212 Phone: 800/246-0800 Fax: 330/ Foundation accounting software is a fully integrated package tailored specifically for medium to large contractors. Features include AIA billing, payroll, multiple state/local payroll, minority compliance, and government tax reporting. The base system includes JC, A/P, A/R, GL, and PR. The Foundation Accounting System runs on DOS, Win 3.x, 95, and NT operating systems.
Prolog Manager from

Meridian lets you track

buyout items, bid

packages, and bid

analysis for effective

project management.

The Gold Collection
Timberline Software Corporation
15195 NW Greenbrier Pkwy.
Beaverton, OR 97006-5701
Phone: 800/628-6583 Fax: 503/439-5010
Timberline Software Corporation’s Gold Collection is a complete, integrated suite of project accounting applications designed specifically for construction. Applications include job cost, A/P, A/R, contracts, billing, payroll, equipment cost, and remote time entry. The Gold Collection runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

Applied Computer Systems Inc.
6200 Baum Dr., Suite 9
Knoxville, TN 37919
Phone: 800/776-6556 Fax: 423/588-5379
JOBPOWER is a fully integrated software package made specifically for contractors. Functions include job cost, G/L, A/P, budgeting, and others. JOBPOWER runs on Win 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

A-Systems Corporation
99 E. Fort Union Blvd.
Midvale, UT 84047-1531
Phone: 800/365-6790 Fax: 801/566-3343
JobView is an accounting system that compiles construction costs as they are incurred. The JobView program features management overview screens that make analysis tools available designed for selected members of the management team. JobView is available in three editions, each designed for different-size construction operations. JobView runs on Win 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

Champion Business Systems Inc.
6726 S. Revere Pkwy.
Englewood, CO 80112
Phone: 800/243-2626 Fax: 303/792-0255
Profit Version 4.0 updates previous editions with a comprehensive set of accounting functions. Enhancements include user interfaces that allow easier entry and processing of transactions; customizations for clients, vendors, items, and projects; and card files. Profit runs on DOS and Windows operating systems.

Profit Builder Millennium
3980 DeKalb Technology Pkwy., Suite 775
Atlanta, GA 30340
Phone: 800/285-3929 Fax: 770/457-7686
Profit Builder Millennium is CDCI’s newest construction management program. This program handles job-cost and accounting needs of larger companies. More than 20 different modules are available to service jobs from start to finish. Profit Builder Millennium runs on Win 95 and NT operating systems.

Solomon IV for Construction
Solomon Software Inc.
3211 Scott Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 800/683-7901, x6 Fax: 408/987-5716
Solomon IV for Construction is an integrated accounting software package that gives users alerts as factors affect cost controls. Solomon IV software runs on NT server/client, Netware, Win 3.1, 95, and NT operating systems.

Up Your Cash Flow
Granville Publications Software
10960 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: 310/477-3924 Fax: 310/478-6070
Up Your Cash Flow imports accounting data directly from QuickBooks and many other popular bookkeeping packages, producing an entire financial plan for contractors in less than an hour. With the integration of ProPel, the program’s new business plan development tool, and a multimedia presentation on increasing profits and growing a business, contractors are equipped with the tools necessary to achieve success. Up Your Cash Flow runs on Windows 95 and 3.1 operating systems.

15350 SW Sequoia Pkwy., Suite 250
Portland, OR 97224
Phone: 503/684-4848 Fax: 503/684-1972
Viewpoint software is an integrated accounting and operations management system for medium to large contractors. Modular structure allows users to tailor the system to individual needs. Viewpoint runs on Win 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

Business Planning

Want a business plan that’s more than just an academic exercise that ends up gathering dust on a shelf? Want to present colleagues or investors with an accurate picture of your business? Today’s business planning software offers the interface that contractors need to build a plan that’s a clear description of their enterprise and where it’s going.

Plan Write for Business
Business Resource Software Inc.
2013 Wells Branch Pkwy., Suite 305
Austin, TX 78728
Phone: 800/423-1228 Fax: 512/251-7541
Originally introduced in 1991, Plan Write for Business assists users in the creation of a business plan. Subsequent editions provide expert analysis and advice. Plan Write for Business runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

Computer-Aided Design

CAD-it’s more than just drawing anymore. Comprehensive software programs are enabling users to not only build models, but to walk through them as well!

ArchiTECH.PC 3.0
SOFTCAD International
1620 School St., Suite 101
Moraga, CA 94556
Phone: 800/SOFTCAD Fax: 510/376-0118
ArchiTECH.PC 3.0 is a stand-alone design tool that combines all facets of architectural CAD and presentation in one program. Features new to the 3.0 version include explorer interface throughout, 2D enhancements, image underlay, interactive plot page, real-time 3D navigation, and advanced rendering with ray tracing. ArchiTECH.PC 3.0 runs on Win 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

AutoCAD Architectural Desktop
Autodesk Inc.
111 McInnis Pkwy.
San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone: 800/964-6432 Fax: 415/507-5100
Built on AutoCAD Rev. 14, AutoCAD Architectural Desktop supports the entire architectural design process from concept to construction documentation. AutoCAD Architectural Desktop runs on Win 95 and NT operating systems.

GTX Raster CAD Series
GTX Corporation
2390 E. Camelback Rd., Suite 410
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: 800/879-8284 Fax: 602/224-8730

The GTX Raster CAD series provides a unique and cost-effective solution for bridging the gap between scanned paper drawings and the CAD environment. Modify and enhance scanned raster archives with the speed and flexibility of both raster and vector editing techniques. The GTX Raster CAD series includes several easily upgradeable software modules, providing flexibility to suit any drawing requirements. All commands, menus, and toolbars are consistent with AutoCAD R14 for a productive and easy-to-learn user interface. GTX Raster CAD runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

Engineering Software

Visual 2000 Suite
Caice Software Corporation
410 Ware Blvd., Suite 1200
Tampa, FL 33619
Phone: 813/620-1444 Fax: 813/620-9019
Visual 2000 combines powerful computational ability with 3-D interactive graphics and customizable survey and design software tools incorporating Microsoft Visual Basic Technology (VBA 6.0). Enhancements include: Visual CADLinks For AutoCAD linking AutoCAD with the design/analysis/modeling features of Visual Basic 6.0; CAiCE Visual Survey for importing, editing, and processing raw field data in all key data types including SDMS, SDR, and EFB directly from files produced by the TDS data collection system; an enhanced terrain-viewing feature providing 3D color-coding of elevations and surfaces; a table-driven sight-checking feature to prove highway standards compliance; and terrain modeling hydrology tools and multimedia capabilities to round off the suite.

Estimating Software

Build greater profits by creating bids based on your estimating methods. Virtually anything is possible with today’s estimating software. With estimating software tools, contractors won’t be the low bidder, then ask, “What did we miss?” Bids will be based on accurate information.

BasicEST, Bid Team
3980 DeKalb Technology Pkwy., Suite 775
Atlanta, GA 30340
Phone: 800/285-3929
BasicEST is an estimating spreadsheet template for Microsoft Excel. Run a complete takeoff and produce purchase orders and subcontracts for jobs, then export the estimate to CDCI’s Basic Builder for automatic job budget setup. Bid Team is the estimating complement to CDCI’s Profit Builder Millennium accounting software program. Multimedia technology gives users more flexibility and control than ever before. A built-in procedures system leads users through takeoff, making sure nothing is missed. Use it with a digitizer to make work easier and more accurate. Programs run on Win 95 and NT operating systems.

Niche Software Inc.
650 Islington St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 800/336-3808
Bid2Win2000 is the latest update of Niche Software’s Windows-based cost-estimating software system for heavy and highway construction companies. Bid2Win2000 adds a new material management module, enhanced bid-closing capability, and global editing of cost resources to its previous suite that includes task templates, bid import and export features, subcontractor RFQ quotes, and a variety of standard and custom reports. Bid2Win2000 runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, and Windows 2000.

The Construction Link Estimating System
The Construction Link Inc.
3394 Sutton Rd.
Geneva, NY 14456
Phone: 315/789-4333 Fax: 315/781-0908
Developed by a contractor with more than 25 years of construction estimating experience, The Construction Link Estimating System features an unlimited rate library for labor, equipment, rental, subcontractors, materials, and other commonly used cost items. Once sheets are completed, changes to any items are automatically recalculated in the final totals. Completed bids can also be copied from previous jobs. The Construction Link Estimating Systems runs on Win 3.1, 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

3755 Mansell Rd., Suite 400
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Phone: 770/645-1415 Fax: 770/645-8380
Constructw@re is a web-based application created using Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. Written in VBScript, Constructw@re executes on a Windows NT 4.0 Server under Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 or above. Constructw@re facilitates communication and collaboration among all project partners via a centralized database accessible by the Internet. Serving as a single source for critical project and business information.

Hard Dollar Estimating Office System
Grantlun Corporation
7810 S. Hardy Dr., Suite 113
Tempe, AZ 85284
Phone: 800/637-7496 Fax: 602/897-6939
Hard Dollar Estimating Office System offers a flexible system that allows contractors to estimate the way they do, conceptually or in great detail. Build your estimates from past projects, making working from scratch a thing of the past. Organize practically any way. English or metric. Graphics. Spreadsheets. Practically anything is possible. Hard Dollar Estimating Office System runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, and Novell operating systems.

Primavera Project Planner for the Enterprise (P3e)
Primavera Systems Inc.
Three Bala Plaza West
Baly Cynwyd, PA 19004
Phone: 610/667-8600 Fax: 610/949-6957
P3e is comprehensive, multiproject planning and control software, built on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server relational databases for enterprisewide project management scalability. P3e can stand alone for project and resource management, or it can be used in conjunction with other Primavera products, such as P3 and SureTrak, to consolidate decentralized project plans for ongoing cross-project analysis and insight. P3e is a total project management solution, encompassing all aspects of the project lifecycle, supporting an unlimited number of projects, project groups or programs, activities, baselines, resources, and user-defined WBS and activity codes.

Profitool Inc.
1600 Stout St., Suite 2000
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303/571-1555 Fax: 303/595-4535
Profitool is a highly integrated construction accounting and project control system consisting of a comprehensive set of modules-project management, cost accounting, and profitability. It is available on a wide range of expandable open systems that can be combined into a powerful distributed network. Heavy/Highway Contractor features include HCSS estimating interface; scale ticket interface; rock and asphalt product sales ticket billing; Caltrans DEWRS billing production; federal look-back tax-schedule preparation; job-site materials and trucking with daily cost accruals; complete equipment module with equipment costing, fixed asset reporting, and preventative maintenance scheduling; subcontractor pay requests automatically generated from owner/DOT pay estimates; equipment rental invoice validation and control; integrated dispatching module for scheduling labor, equipment, trucking and material deliveries. General Contractor/Construction Management features include change management module completely integrated with subcontractor control and owner billing functions; subcontractor document tracking-insurance certificates, certified payroll reporting, contract document compliance, etc.; pay-when-paid capability in accounts-payable module.

Precision Collection
Timberline Software Corporation
15195 NW Greenbrier Pkwy.
Beaverton, OR 97006-5701
Phone: 800/628-6583 Fax: 503/439-5010
Timberline Software Corporation offers two estimating packages: Precision Estimating-Standard Edition and the more advanced Extended Edition. The Standard Edition combines key estimating capabilities with the latest point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology to deliver a solution packed with innovations to increase efficiency. The Extended Edition offers contractors a comprehensive package of estimating tools. The Precision Collection runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

Computerized Micro Solutions Inc.
15373 Innovation Dr., Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: 800/255-7407 Fax: 858/592-6316
ProEst is a fully customizable estimating software program. The estimate sheet can be set up to look exactly like existing spreadsheets and ledgers. Columns and their order are user-definable. The ProEst system can store 10,000 estimates on file. ProEst runs on Win 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

Estimator 5.0
Quest Solutions Inc.
5011 Ocean Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34242
Phone: 800/452-2342 Fax: 941/349-1593
With a digitizer and stylus pen, users of Estimator 5.0 can get fast and accurate estimating based on accurate quantities. Estimator’s powerful and sophisticated tools have numerous benefits over hand-measured methods. Estimator 5.0 runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

Illustration Software

Using powerful illustration software, contractors can create practically any type of drawing or technical illustration, for whatever application.

Adobe Illustrator 7.0
Adobe Systems Inc.
345 Park Ave.
San Jose, CA 95110-2704
Phone: 800/833-6687 Fax: 716/447-7303
Adobe Illustrator 7.0 offers a tool set for creating sophisticated artwork, technical illustrations, information graphics, and page designs for print, multimedia, and the Web. With this cross-platform release, Illustrator delivers complete feature parity and a virtually identical user interface between platform versions, so users have access to a seamless workflow environment. Adobe Illustrator 7.0 runs on Win 95/NT, and Power Mac operating systems.

Project Management

Keeping tabs on how a project is running is the first step to correcting things when they go astray. That’s the reason some software vendors are publishing excellent packages that will help you keep on track and within budget.

Asphalt-It 7.0
Atser Systems Inc.
8520 Sweetwater, Suite F57
Houston, TX 77037
Phone: 281/999-9961 Fax: 281/999-9962
Asphalt-It 7.0 is a software tool that allows contractors and other building professionals to more accurately design and control asphalt paving mixtures and minimize the requirement for laboratory testing trial-and-error testing of proposed design blends. Asphalt-It runs on Windows 3.1, 95, and NT operating systems.

Details 2.0
AEC Software Inc.
22611-113 Markey Ct.
Sterling, VA 20166
Phone: 800/346-9413 Fax: 716/447-7303
Construction projects stay organized with Details 2.01 scheduling software from AEC Software. Enter your deadlines, then see them graphically displayed on a time line. Better coordinate jobs and work crews and show time lines to clients. Details helps better control projects, track cash flow and job progress, and keeps work organized and up to date. Details 2.01 runs on Win 95, 98, NT 5.0, NT 4.0, Mac, and Power Mac operating systems.

Hard Dollar PXS
Grantlun Corporation
7810 S. Hardy Dr., Suite 113
Tempe, AZ 85284
Phone: 800/637-7496 Fax: 602/897-6939
Hard Dollar PXS is a comprehensive project management and control system for contractors. Features include bar charts, schedules, change orders, cost tracking and control, contract administration, resource coordination, and more. Hard Dollar PXS runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, and Novell operating systems.

Project AXIS
Frontrunner LLC
105 Reynolds Dr.
Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: 615/595-2900 Fax: 615/595-2919
Project AXIS software is designed to handle a number of a manager’s tasks: RFPs, subcontractor agreements, daily reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, logs, and many others. Project AXIS runs on Win 95, 3.1, and Mac operating systems.

Prolog Manager 5.1
Meridian Project Systems Inc.
1750 Howe Ave., Suite 640
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: 800/850-2660 Fax: 916/641-3085
Prolog Manager 5.1 is the latest version of Meridian’s project management software. Features include purchasing, cost control, engineering, and superintending. A new purchasing module manages the entire procurement process. Contractors can track buyout items, bid packages, bid analysis, contract attachments, and a master vendor database. Prolog Manager 5.1 runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

seeMIX, seeSTAT, seeMAT-A
Shilstone Software
9400 N. Central Expressway, Suite 105
Dallas, TX 75231
Phone: 214/361-9681 Fax: 214/361-7925
The “see” series is designed for concrete and aggregate producers and contractors. These programs include seeMIX for concrete mixture proportioning and analysis, seeSTAT for concrete test result reporting and statistics, and seeMAT-A for aggregate statistics, reporting, and automatic blending. All three products run on DOS 3.3 and Windows 95, 98, NT, and 3.1.

WinEst Pro
8209 S. 222nd St.
Kent, WA 98032
Phone: 800/950-2374 Fax: 253/395-3634
[email protected]

WinEst Pro, for Windows’ combination spreadsheet/database method quickly and easily generates construction cost estimates. It features a spreadsheet-type estimating with a live spreadsheet for easy customization, item-level and assembly-level takeoff, built-in construction formulas, and a customizable construction calculator for unique calculations. Additionally, it is available with a complete cost database of your choice-general, mechanical, or electrical, seven user definable work breakdown structures for tagging and tracking estimates, and a conceptual cost database for fast preliminary cost estimates.

Scheduling Software

Scheduling software allows contractors to plan projects from beginning to end. Plan and manage budgets, work, and deadlines. No more guesswork, no more hand-drawn time lines. And it’s easy to do too.

FastTrack Schedule Version 6.0
AEC Software Inc.
22611-113 Markey Ct.
Sterling, VA 20166
Phone: 800/346-9413 Fax: 703/450-9786
FastTrack Version 6.0 is a scheduling program that organizes schedules quickly and easily. Enter deadlines and watch them graphically displayed on a time line. Coordinate work and crews more efficiently. Projects are easier to control and keep up to date. Answers status-related questions with the click of a mouse button. FastTrack Schedule Version 6.0 runs on Win 95, 98, NT 5.0, NT 4.0, Mac, and Power Mac operating systems.

Time Sketch
Aldergraf Inc.
PO Box 79267
Houston, TX 77048
Phone: 800/624-4971 Fax: 713/467-1062
TimeSketch is the “15-Minute” scheduling tool because it’s that easy to use. Enter time elements in the graphical interface and change dates and duration. TimeSketch does the rest. TimeSketch runs on Win 3.1, 95, 98, and NT operating systems.

Statistical Analysis

Complex statistical analysis was once the domain of a limited number of spreadsheet programs. Further, these programs were limited by the lack of specific tools available for industry professionals. Now more complex tools are available that allow civil engineers who use spreadsheets to perform these analysis.

Statistical Add-Ins for Excel
Numerical Algorithms Group Inc. (NAG)
1400 Opus St., Suite 200
Downers Grove, IL 60515-5702
Phone: 630/971-2337 Fax: 630/971-2706
Contractors who use Excel spreadsheets often have to resort to their own programming for specialized statistical analysis. Now NAG offers Statistical Add-Ins for Excel, which combines more than 50 statistical algorithms with the convenience of Excel. Statistical Add-Ins for Excel can be used from Excel 7.0 or for Excel 97 running under Windows 95 or NT operating platforms.

Training and Safety Software

Maintaining accident and training records is a laborious process that must be maintained to organization and government standards. Fortunately, software tools are available that makes analysis and compliance easier than ever.

Occupational Safety Professional for Windows
Occupational Safety Professional for Windows
Data Mining Corp.
PO Box 227156
Dallas, TX  75222
Phone: 214/337-6633 Fax: 214/337-6688
Occupational Safety Professional is a software program that allows all
incident, human resource, safety, and risk management information to be
consolidated into one system, for tracking, trend analysis and reporting.
Professionals can quickly and easily process all state first reports of
injury, OSHA forms: 300, 300A and 301.

Safety Software 801 W. Main St., Suite 100 Charlottesville, VA 22903 Phone: 800/932-9457 Fax: 804/ OSHALOG provides contractors with details of all injuries and illnesses, whether they relate to OSHA regulations or not. TRAINLOG provides contractors with employee training information and other safety-related programs. PPE-LOG keeps contractors up to date with information about employee personal-protection equipment, driver’s license expiration data, physicals, and drug tests. All three programs operate in Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and NT environments.