A Look at Some Lighting and Genset Choices

May 1, 2008
Gx Bug Web

Airstar—Airstar lighting balloons provide a homogenous light over 360 degrees without hot points. The line of Sirocco balloons designed for construction sites feature 250-watt to 4,000-watt halogen or metal halide bulbs. They are available in an elliptical or tubular shape, rated to withstand winds up to 65 miles per hour. More information is available at www.airstar-light.com.

Baldor—Baldor’s compact mobile light towers provide 4000 watts of light run by a Baldor 6,000-watt light tower generator with extra power for job-site equipment. Features include elliptical light fixtures for a more efficient light pattern than conventional round fixtures and a control panel with one 120-V GFI and one 240-V twist-lock receptacle. More information is available at www.baldor.com.

Bossltg—Among the products offered by Bossltg, a specialty designer and supplier of portable light towers and portable gensets, is a line of three-phase gensets with light towers. They include 4-light and 6-light models with metal halide floodlights mounted on manual telescoping towers that rotate 360 degrees. The units have Perkins water-cooled diesel engines with safety shutdowns and quiet type mufflers. More information is available at www.bossltg.com.

Multiquip—The Moonlight balloon lighting system includes metal halide lamps in 150-watt, 400-watt, and 1,000-watt capacities in 33.5-inch and 54-inch diameter balloons. The bulbs can provide up to 10,000 hours of service life in some conditions. A 1,000-watt tungsten carbide bulb model is also available. The Moonlight balloon cart, with four pneumatic tires and steering handle, can be used to move the unit and a portable generator (not included) around the job site. More information is available at www.multiquip.com.

Terex—The Terex line of trailer-mounted light tower models features masts up to 30 feet, up to 7.5 acres of illumination powered by four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps and 30- to 50-gallon fuel capacity for 60 to 100 hours of operation before refueling. The newest model, an articulating light tower, has a light bar that tilts 180 degrees vertically for extending and rotating the hydraulically powered mast in multiple operating positions. More information is available at www.genieindustries.com.

Wacker—Wacker heavy-duty, trailer-mounted light towers are designed for one-person setup and operation. They feature a compact and narrow body design for transport two abreast on a flatbed truck. Each light can be individually and easily adjusted without tools while the 360-degeee rotating mast is raised. The Wacker glare-free light balloon features a one-step mechanical opening system and includes a telescoping tripod that can be raised.