Mattracks Incorporated

Nov. 20, 2013

Mattracks, the pioneer of the rubber track conversion systems, introduces its newest series in its already diverse track lineup, EZtracks.  After years of development that included testing all around the globe, Mattracks has engineered this new series to be affordable and at the same time innovative and new.

The EZtracks system, with its unique shape due to its patented “Boa Con-Track-tion™” System, has the advantage of allowing an increased footprint that is centrally located under the vehicle’s axles to provide equal ground pressure over the entire system all while keeping the tracks within the confines of the vehicle’s overall length and providing unbelievable clearance for fenders and body parts.  In addition, the design provides greater sprocket engagement that far exceeds any other system in the industry.  The EZtrack system also allows for the use of multiple sprocket sizes and combinations to facilitate any vehicle size and drive train utilizing Mattracks Sprositive™ design.  It’s ease of steering, efficiency and unequalled smooth ride is accomplished by its carefully engineered wheel arrangement, track tread design and by using Mattracks tried-and-true patented rubber torsion anti torque system to make full utilization of the vehicle’s own suspension.

With this new series Mattracks now has surpassed the century mark in terms of models with 101 and counting.  It has been called the single biggest advancement in track conversion technology in history since Mattracks introduced the very first ones to the world in 1994.  And all of this with Mattracks quality, proven reliability, warranty, and customer service for a price that is the lowest on the market.  EZtracks will be available in both ATV and UTV systems.

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