KOBELCO Unleashes SK55SRx Excavator at ConExpo 2014

April 12, 2014

Las Vegas, NV March 4, 2014KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA, a global leader in the manufacture of crawler excavators, introduced a new model, the SK55SRx, to the North and South American markets during ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014. The SK55SRx is a mini-excavator that delivers full size performance and short radius agility from its compact footprint. This new machine comes in both cab and canopy models.

The 11,050 lb. SK55 is engineered to supply maximum digging power while maintaining a short tail swing. Its 37.4 hp, water-cooled Yanmar diesel engine is not only powerful, but also fuel efficient, delivering operational cost savings through its multiple modes, including an “Energy Conservation Mode”, which can easily be engaged with the push of a button when the work at hand allows the operator to run the equipment at lower power and performance levels, providing greater job efficiencies. A one-touch deceleration button makes it easy to switch to an idling state, further reducing fuel consumption while the machine is at rest. The SK55’s engine meets Tier IV final requirements, while its hydraulic system minimizes energy loss for outstanding hydraulic performance.

In addition to fuel economy and power, the SK55 has many practical performance features including an arm force of 5,530 lbs and a two-pin bucket force of up to 11,128 lbs. for robust digging. The machine’s dig depth of 12’10″, 20’6″ reach at ground level and a swing speed of 8.5 rpm ensure productivity goals are always within reach. The machine attributes of the SK55 work together to make it a workhorse that’s ready-for-use on a wide-range of jobsites.

KOBELCO’s SK55 also features an integrated-flow, four pump system. When the machine begins to dig, extra output from the third pump (which typically powers the swing and dozer circuit) is directed to the arm and boom circuits for added power, ensuring optimum use of available engine power for smooth and efficient operation. The large-capacity travel torque provides significant travel power and allows the machine to perform spin turns in “Low” mode when pushing heavy loads. This travel torque combined with the machine’s long track length, provide excellent traction. The automatic shift system ensures smooth, efficient travel with a convenient button for switching to Hi travel mode.

The SK55 comes standard with a dozer blade. A new blade shape boosts speed and efficiency by forming the dirt into an arc that always falls forward ““ eliminating the need for multiple passes. An optional four-way blade is built with the same durability as KOBELCO’s standard blade and provides up to 25 degrees of left and right angle movement for completion of clearing, grading and back-filling work. The four-way blade provides excellent control while working on changing terrain and simplifies back fill operations.

This new model excavator comes with KOBELCO’s proprietary, eco-friendly iNDR Cooling System to drastically reduce operational noise from the pumps and power system, providing dust protection via an inlet filter for the cooling systems, reducing exhaust gas temperature. It’s ergonomically designed, climate-controlled cab is 32 inches wide, providing plenty of leg room and a 3″ seat belt. Wide access doors and a left hand tilting control box with safety lever allow for ease of entry and exit. Large windows and a low hood design, plus work lights on both sides of the machine give the operator optimal visibility both day and night.

The cab or open air canopy boast easy-to-use, centralized controls, a standard pattern changer to accommodate operator preference, easy-to-read instrumentation and controls, with standard one and two way auxiliary hydraulic systems for hammers and the standard hydraulic thumb mount on the arm. Onboard self-diagnostics, optional warning screens and audible alarms alert the user to critical equipment functions when necessary. The optional cab includes heating and air conditioning. An accumulator is included as standard equipment. In the event of an unexpected engine shutdown, this feature allows the attachment to be safely and smoothly lowered to the ground. On the ground access to maintenance points further enhances safety.

KOBELCO’s SK55SRx, like all KOBELCO crawler excavators, is built-to-last. The excavator is made from forged and cast steel materials with reinforced high-stress areas on the arm and boom and wide welds. The machine’s undercarriage is built with heavy-duty track guides and rollers ““ as well as a thick base plate and grousers ““ making it ideal for virtually any jobsite that calls for a machine in its size class.

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA is dedicated to producing a full range of crawler excavators in the 3,000 lb. to 184,000 lb. classes for the rental, landscape, construction, aggregate, roadbuilding, material handling, site preparation, recycling and ancillary markets, including zero tail swing, standard, long-reach and compact models. KOBELCO is well-known worldwide as excavator perfectionists for its steadfast focus on improving and enhancing its singular line of products. KOBELCO machines are well-regarded for their advanced technologies, including an innovative noise and dust reduction system, advanced hydraulic circuitry for reduction of pressure loss and superior fuel efficiency.

For more information on KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA or KOBELCO’s new SK55SRx model crawler excavator, please visit www.KOBELCO-USA.com or call 281-888-8430.