May 10, 2014
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Rayco Manufacturing Inc.
The new RCT60 Field Service Truck from Rayco is the solution for carrying tools, supplies, fuel, and service personnel over difficult terrain on off-road job sites. The RCT60 Field Service Truck combines a custom built Jomac Service Body with the RCT60 rubber track Crawler Truck to provide in-field service capability, eliminating the need to bring machines to a landing or roadway. The RCT60 is powered by a 67-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and rides on 17.7-inch rubber tracks. Its service body can be outfitted to meet individual needs with cranes, welders, air compressors, fuel tanks, and more.

Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc.
Philippi-Hagenbuch has introduced its newest patent-pending invention from LeRoy Hagenbuch, P.E: the Rolling Wedge Cutter. The Rolling Wedge Cutter offers an innovative material-cutting approach that could dramatically improve material trenching and mining processes while improving cut size and reducing cutting (coal) dust by as much as 50%. The Rolling Wedge Cutter is a solution for trenching and mining through challenging environments for general construction, road construction, mining, and utility applications. It can be used in aboveground and underground environments and can create time efficiencies and accomplish techniques that were previously thought very difficult and, in some cases, unachievable. The greatest benefit of using the Rolling Wedge Cutter is that 60% to 70% less energy is required to roll material out in tension than the sheer, brute force required to take materials past their compressive strength.

Bomag Americas Inc.
Bomag’s new line of vibratory tampers includes a wider range of models that allows users to select a machine that best suits the requirements of a given job. The tampers combine low operating weights with superior compaction performance to optimize both productivity and ease of operation in applications such as trench construction, utility and cable backfill compaction, landscaping, and small repair jobs. Boasting the highest power in their respective weight classes, the BT60 weighs 128 pounds and delivers up to 3,372 pounds of impact force, while the BT65 weighs 150 pounds and produces 3,822 pounds of impact force. The BVT65 weighs 143 pounds and delivers 3,597 pounds of impact force. The BT60 is ideal for time-intensive use in confined spaces, the BT65 for jobs with the highest compaction demands, and the BVT65 for occasional use in typical applications.

Trinity Shoring Products-GME
Through the international partnership of GME and Ischebeck Titan, GME is pleased to announce the newest addition to its Aluminum Trench Shield Line, the Lite-Shield Sheeting System. The Lite-Shield Sheeting system is a new complementary addition to the GME Lite-Shield product line. With this new system, GME has solved the problem of how to handle multiple existing crossing utility lines without the need for a custom solution every time. Designed with fleet utilization in mind, the Lite-Shield Sheeting system has been engineered for use on existing Lite-Shield panels. Accompanying the new Lite-Shield Sheeting system, GME is announcing a new aluminum interlocking sheet pile, designed specifically for use with the Lite-Shield Sheeting system.

Leading Edge Attachments
The Leading Edge Attachments Inc. patented Multi-DigNRip Bucket can replace hammers, blasting and rock trenchers, for a fraction of the cost, offered specifically for high-production rip-and-load applications where a wider rock bucket is required. Manufactured in the USA, the Multi-DigNRip Bucket is a combination of the high force producing Multi-Ripper Bucket, and the high capacity of the proven DigNRip Bucket.

DuraTech Industries
DuraTech Industries is excited to announce the arrival of the TC-15 Tree Chipper. The TC-15 is the larger option in the DuraTech tree chipper line. With option of a 122-horsepower (91-kW) Cat C4.4 or 139-horsepower (103.7-kW) Cat C4.4 diesel engine and PT-Tech clutch, the powerful TC-15 can grind logs up to 15 inches in diameter. The TC-15 features a spring-loaded feed wheel with adjustable down pressure, an optional height sensor that automatically adjusts the feed roller to material size, and an optional hydraulic gathering winch. A hydraulic two-feed roller system feeds the four 4.5-inch knives designed to chip woodwaste. This high-powered unit discharges debris 360 degrees from the hydraulic rotating adjustable chip spout, allowing the user to alter chip disposal.

Sensors & Software Inc.
Sensors & Software Inc. redefines the utility locating market with the easy-to-use and affordable LMX100. The LMX100 is optimized for metallic and nonmetallic utility locating and offers the perfect balance in depth penetration and accurate target acquisition. The product is affordable and ready to use out-of-the box, featuring high-brightness color LCD with an anti-reflective screen optimized for outdoor viewing. The collapsible, rugged, nonmetallic, fiberglass cart has been specially engineered to provide interference-free GPR operation, along with optional easy capture of screen images to memory card.

Pramac America LLC The GRW Series ranges in size from 12 kVA up to 200 kVA. With the long list of standard features, including voltage selector switch, full analog gauge panel, digital engine protection, 24-hour fuel capacity, two-wire start, battery charger, receptacle panel, main power lugs, low sound levels, and three-way fuel valves, it is easy to see how the GRW is at home as a mobile standby, on the job site or almost anywhere you need power. Add the finishing touch with an optional DOT road trailer, storage box, spare tire or block heater.