Hyundai Construction Equipment’s R1200-9 Excavator Debuts at ConExpo

June 11, 2014

Las Vegas, NV – Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc., a leading earth moving and material handling equipment manufacturer, recently displayed their largest excavator, the R1200-9, at ConExpo held March 4-8, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This mass excavation machine is new to the North American market and is designed for the mining and quarrying sector. The R1200-9 provides every operator with maximum performance, precision, versatile machine preferences and proven quality.

The R1200-9 has an operating weight of 260,140 lbs (118,000 kg) and is powered by a reliable, fuel efficient 740 hp (552 kW) Cummins QSK23-C engine. The engine is electronically controlled for optimum fuel to air ratio and clean, efficient combustion. Auto engine overheat and anti-restart features are also provided. The R1200-9 boasts a dig depth of 26’3″ (8,010 mm) a bucket digging force of 125,540 lbs (115,080 kg) and bucket capacity of 8.76 cubic yards (6.7 m3).


Operating Weight lbs (kg)

260,140 (118,000)

Bucket Breakout Force lbf, SAE(kN)

125,540 (558.5)

Maximum Dig-Depth ft (mm)

26’3″ (8,010)

Engine hp (kW)

740 (552)

Bucket Capacity cubic yards (cubic meters)

8.76 (6.7)

To achieve optimum precision, Hyundai redesigned the R1200-9’s hydraulic system to provide the operator with super fine touch and controllability. Improved pump flow minimizes fuel consumption and improved spool valves are engineered to provide more precise flow to each function with less effort. Enhanced hydraulic valves, precision-designed variable volume piston pumps, fine-touch pilot controls and enhanced travel functions make for smooth and easy operation. Arm-in and boom-down flow regeneration and control valve technology are newly improved as well. An innovative auto boom-swing priority function makes for optimal performance in any application.

In addition to power and precision, the R1200-9 is also durable. A strengthened undercarriage is designed for excellent production at quarries and mines and is equipped with covers to protect the travel motors and hoses against damage from rocks. Durable full track rail guards keep track links in place and track adjustment is made easy with standard grease cylinder track adjusters and shock absorbing springs. Structure strength on the R1200-9 has also been improved with stronger but slimmer tubing for added safety and better visibility. Low stress, high strength steel is integrally welded to form a stronger, more durable upper and lower frame. Structural integrity has been tested by the Finite Elements Method (FEM) analysis and long-term durability tests.

Hyundai kept operator comfort a top priority with the R1200-9 excavator. Operators can fully customize their work environment and operating preferences to fit their individual needs. A newly designed cabin with single piece right side glass was built for more space and a wider field view. Special attention was given to providing a clear, open and convenient interior with plenty of visibility of the machine surroundings and the job at hand putting the operator in perfect position to work safely and securely. A fully adjustable seat, console and armrest are provided to best suit the preferred operating position. Other preference settings that add to overall operator comfort include a fully automatic high capacity air conditioning system, transparent polycarbonate glass sun roof, large and easy to control sun visor and radio/USB player.

An advanced 7 inch wide LCD display allows the operator to select personal machine preferences and monitor crucial machine data. Power and work mode selection, self-diagnostics, optional rear-view camera, maintenance check lists, start-up machine security and video functions were integrated into the cluster to make the machine more versatile and the operator more productive.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc. offers quality earthmoving and material-handling equipment, including hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and electric and diesel forklifts. They also manufacture internal combustion cushion and internal combustion pneumatic forklifts.

With Hyundai’s North American headquarters and parts depot in Norcross, GA, both dealers and customers consistently receive quick fulfillment on all orders.

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Hyundai Construction Equipment’s parent company has instilled its philosophy: Quality before and after the sale throughout all divisions. HHI invests heavily in construction equipment R&D and has state-of-the-art production facilities around the world. Hyundai is ISO 9001 certified and is a perennial winner of numerous Korean construction-equipment design awards.

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