Tencate Expands Its Miraspec Design Solutions Software to Assist With Both Flexible Pavement and Unpaved Road Design

June 30, 2014

MiraSpec Design Solutions Software of TenCate will allow the designer to perform roadway designs with and without geosynthetics. In addition, the designer will be able to calculate the cost savings and sustainability savings the addition of a geosynthetic will provide in the design. MiraSpec is a tool for engineers to design better and more cost-effective paved and unpaved roadways by incorporating geosynthetics.

Bruce A. Lacina, PE – Roadway Reinforcement Technical Manager states: “I am very excited about our new and improved MiraSpec™ roadway design solutions software. The improvements and new features available in the AASHTO 1993 flexible pavement design software are pretty incredible and make the design experience much more user friendly. The addition of an unpaved road analysis component using the Giroud-Han design theory is another huge improvement to our ever-expanding MiraSpec™ software suite. We are confident that once designers and specifiers see the benefits TenCate can provide to roadways, they will be much more likely to include them in the design and construction of their roadway cross sections in the future.”