Submersible Transducers Monitor Bridges Cost Effectively in All Weathers

June 30, 2014

RDP Electrosense offers a full line of LVDTs that are ideal for monitoring bridges. They are used to measure movements and strain in the structures caused by the increased weight and volume of traffic, environmental conditions, and other factors. This data helps engineers understand the movements and loads imposed on the bridges and the supporting structures in order to predict potential problems and to maximize the safe working life of the bridge.

The LVDT monitoring approach is relatively inexpensive, particularly when several points on a bridge need to be monitored, calling for long cable runs. By using a 4-20 ma, 2 wire loop, the wiring installation cost can be considerably reduced. This approach also offers the best interface to use with long cables for temperature drift reasons. The high accuracy, cycle life, resolution, and stainless steel construction of RDP’s submersible LVDTs make them an ideal choice for engineers who need to understand movements and loads imposed on the structure of a bridge under all weather conditions.

Very often the transducers used to monitor movements are installed on structures in coastal regions where rain water must be considered saline and transducers are also exposed to chemical pollutants created by road vehicles. Transducers can be supplied that are moisture resistant or fully welded for submersible applications. The stainless steel construction allows operation in marine environments and also resists the corrosive effects of winter road treatments for ice.

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