Volvo EC250E and EC300E Excavators Excel in Fuel Efficiency

July 14, 2014

The new Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-compliant EC250E and EC300E crawler excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment are powerful and efficient machines, designed to reduce fuel consumption and increase productivity.

New Volvo EC250E and EC300E crawler excavators deliver a 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over past models, saving customers both time and money. This efficiency is not only due to the Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-compliant Volvo engine, but also to a range of advanced features that optimize flow and minimize pressure losses in the hydraulic system. Chief among them is the unique Volvo ECO mode, which automatically reduces fuel consumption without any loss of performance in most operating conditions.

The operator also has the ability to manually control flow to the hydraulics using the integrated work mode system. The operator can choose from a selection of work modes according to the demands of the task at hand. To reduce idle time, the new E-Series excavators can be equipped with automatic idling and auto-engine shut down systems as optional equipment. When a machine’s controls are inactive for a pre-set amount of time (between 3 and 20 seconds), engine speed is reduced to idle. When a machine has been motionless for five minutes, the engine automatically turns off. These features help to reduce fuel consumption and therefore, emissions, running costs, and noise. The operator is able to keep track of a machine’s consumption in different applications using the fuel consumption gauge.

Advanced human machine interface (HMI)

The fuel consumption gauge is just one example of the excavator’s advanced human machine interface which helps the operator stay confident and in control of the excavator at all times. All interfaces – including the joysticks, keypad and LCD monitor – have been ergonomically designed and positioned for optimum comfort, control and efficiency. For operator convenience and ease of use, the number of switches has been significantly reduced.

The optimally positioned keypad allows the operator to easily navigate through the LCD monitor and activate machine functions in a safe and comfortable way. The functionality of the camera, air conditioning and lights can be customized via the key pad, enabling the operator to select and save desired configurations. The windshield wipers, audio mute or camera function can also be assigned to a shortcut switch located on the joystick. This allows the operator to easily control the selected function by simply pressing a switch. For ease of operation, the new 8-inch non-glare color LCD monitor displays the machine status as well as all the information required by the operator to maintain maximum efficiency. The new HMI also includes Bluetooth and a hands-free function to allow the operator to connect to wireless functions for easier connectivity and greater convenience.

Quicker cycle times

Greater control over the machine not only improves fuel efficiency, but also cycle times for a more productive and profitable work shift. Most notably, the proportional two-pump flow makes it easier for the operator to improve the machine’s controllability, achieving a higher quality grading finish and getting the job done faster. The high pump flow combined with the full electro-hydraulic control system also helps create faster response and cycle times. In addition, the EC300E features increased pump input torque for even faster cycle times. With the boom float function, the power pump for boom lowering can be saved or used for other functions, further reducing cycle times and making grading operations easier.

Another feature that works to minimize machine downtime is the attachment management system which makes changing attachments faster, safer and easier, helping the excavator to get back on the job as quickly as possible. The attachment management system – controlled through the monitor – stores the settings for up to 20 different hydraulic attachments for ease for operation. Depending on the options configured, the management system can store rated flow and relief pressure. The After Treatment Control Module (ACM) automatically controls, monitors and diagnoses the after treatment system to ensure emission regulation compliance.

Durable by design

New Volvo E-Series excavators are designed for the ultimate in strength, durability and wear resistance. The heavy-duty superstructure undercover protects components within the superstructure, and for increased durability, heavy-duty undercover plates provide additional protection to the underside of the machine in tough applications – preventing damage from rock and debris. The reinforced idler frame, track links and bottom rollers on the undercarriage are built to withstand tougher conditions for improved durability and reliability in demanding applications. The track links are also reinforced as is the bucket linkage.

Other key features of the EC250E and EC300E crawler excavators include an optional air gun for cleaning the cab as well as standard equipment like handrails and bolt-on anti-slip plates for safe and easy access to the cab and superstructure; sturdy doors and hinges; and large toolbox storage for convenient daily maintenance.