Volvo H-Series Wheel Loaders Deliver Lower Emissions And Fuel Consumption In The 18-22 Ton Class

Aug. 2, 2014

The L110H and L120H wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment, featuring a powerful Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-certified engine, meet strict emissions legislation, while improving fuel efficiency by up to 18 percent with the OptiShift transmission.

New Volvo L110H and L120H wheel loaders are among the company’s most environmental and fuel-efficient machines to date. The company’s latest generation of machines for the 18-22 ton class, they are powered by an 8-liter Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-certified engine with fully automatic regeneration that combines high performance with low emissions and low fuel consumption.

The inherent fuel efficiency of the Volvo D8J engine is enhanced by the well-matched Volvo powertrain and intelligent hydraulics, which only supply power on demand. The load-sensing hydraulics also ensure fast response for outstanding control over the load, as well as shorter cycle times. Another intelligent feature, the Reverse-By-Braking (RBB) function automatically reduces the engine rpm and applies the service brakes when the operator changes the direction of the machine. This not only conserves fuel but also reduces stress on the drivetrain, thereby extending component life. Meanwhile, Volvo OptiShift technology combines the RBB function with a lock-up torque converter to create a direct drive between the engine and transmission, eliminating power losses in the torque convertor and reducing fuel consumption by up to 18 percent. The eco pedal further reduces fuel consumption, thanks to mechanical push-back force, which encourages the operator to ease off the throttle when the engine rpm is about to exceed the optimum operating range.

One machine, many capabilities

Not only are the L110H and L120H wheel loaders highly efficient, they are also highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications ““ from material handling and rehandling and road construction to utility work. These 18-22 ton machines are fitted with a choice of unique Volvo attachments ““ including a variety of buckets, material handling arms, forks, sweepers and snow blades ““ to achieve maximum uptime and profitability from each machine. The attachments are designed as an integral part of the wheel loader, with functions and properties ideally matched to minimize energy losses and increase productivity. Meanwhile, the Volvo unique Torque Parallel (TP) linkage delivers high breakout torque and excellent parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range and the optional Boom Suspension System (BSS) reduces bucket spillage, boosting productivity by as much as 20 percent on rough ground.

Feels like home

The productivity of each work shift is also boosted by the wheel loaders’ industry-leading cab, which provides a safe, clean and comfortable operator environment, whatever the conditions outside. The operator enters the ROPS/FOPS-certified cab safely and easily via a three-point access ladder with anti-slip steps supported by sturdy and ideally-positioned handrails. The wide doorframe opens at a convenient 95-degree angle and can even be opened remotely as an option. A cab entrance light is also available as an option for increased safety when entering and exiting the machine.

Inside, the cab is spacious, with plenty of storage for personal belongings. Internal noise levels are kept to a minimum, thanks to sound insulation, while improved seat and vibration protection ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Air quality is guaranteed by an industry-leading filter that allows 90 percent of the cab air to be recirculated for continuous dust removal.

To limit operator fatigue, all the controls and information panels have been ergonomically positioned. For ease of operation, the optional multi-function joystick gives the operator simultaneous and precise control of the hydraulic functions. Forward, reverse and kick-down functions are also included on the right hand arm rest. The machine’s vital information ““ such as fuel and oil levels ““ is displayed on an easy-to-read screen that is clearly visible from the operator seat, even in bright sunlight. Basic configurations and tests can be performed without the operator having to move from the seat.

At your service

Daily service checks on the machine can be carried out quickly and simply with grouped service points. The engine hood opens electronically so the operator or technician can easily gain full access to the engine compartment. This helps the machine to get back on the job as quickly as possible. A number of components require very little maintenance. The rear axle cradles contain maintenance-free lubricated-for-life bushings and bearings. As for the cooling fan, it can be reversed for self-cleaning of the cooling units.

On the rare occasion that a Volvo wheel loader requires more attention than a routine service check, Volvo experts are always on hand to provide expert advice via an extensive network of dealers and technicians. Combining local knowledge with global experience, Volvo is able to supply a whole range of customer solutions ““ from genuine Volvo parts to advanced machine monitoring technology ““ for reduced total cost of ownership and increased profitability throughout the entire life of the machine.