Kennametal Presents RoadRazor II: The New Shape of Road Construction Productivity

Sept. 2, 2014

With its unique and proprietary shape combined with improved hardness throughout the head area, the new RoadRazor II from Kennametal now includes carbide ring segments below the tip. With this added wear protection for the steel tool body, RoadRazor II is the economical and ecological tool of choice for road-milling companies interested in improved performance and maximum value.

Maximum hardness and improved shape in road milling tools results in easier cutting at faster speeds for longer than users may have thought possible. Due to significantly less vibration, lower power requirements, and added wear protection, customers can choose to run at conventional speeds and save fuel, or run faster and spend less time to complete the job.

At the tip end, RoadRazor II´s proprietary point design is combined with ring segments of Kennametal´s advanced carbide grades. The result is far longer performance in even the most abrasive cutting conditions. At the retainer end, thicker material ensures exceptional fit and rotation throughout the life of the tool. A wide collar supplies superior holder protection. New levels of productivity are the results.

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