SiteMonitor Team at 3D Laser Mapping Brings Fresh Thinking for Mining’s Future

Sept. 2, 2014

The company is proud to welcome Matt Heath and Peter Sharp to the team, who will work closely with Ashraf Arfana, SiteMonitor Support and Research Projects and with Steve Cairns SiteMonitor Product Specialist.

Phil brings specialist experience in the advanced graphics and numerical processing technique known as CUDA programming. He joins 3D Laser Mapping after a PhD in Physics at the University of Nottingham where he researched laser atom interactions, specifically to simulate the time-dependant behaviour of Rydberg atoms. This unique experience Phil has will be well used in speeding up the processing of SiteMonitor, making sequencing of data, such as that used to monitor the time-dependent evolution of a rockface, more efficient.

Matt Heath will be using his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham and 4 years of living and working in Portugal to research using R for statistics and cloud to cloud matching techniques within the SiteMonitor Team.

Peter Sharp comes to 3D Laser Mapping following several years of instructing and researching, including completing a PhD in Experimental Physics at the University of Nottingham. Specifically, Peter has worked within sensor integration, whereby a microscope is used with software.

The installation of SiteMonitor equipment and SiteMonitor customer support will be looked after by Ashraf Arfana and Steve Cairns, respectively, who have a deep understanding of our SiteMonitor technology and between the two of them have over 20 years’ mining industry experience using laser scanners. Africa-based Lidar Systems Engineer Andrew Turner is joined by newcomers Miriska de Lange and Henno Morkel.

“We are excited to be developing a new and improved version of SiteMonitor and look forward to bringing the revamped solution to market in April 2015 with the help of this new team”, Graham Hunter, Director of 3D Laser Mapping commented.

“The ongoing support for current customer projects will be bolstered by the expanded team, and we have an upcoming new interim release which includes a 64-bit version and rockfall analysis.

“The original version of SiteMonitor was coded and designed with scanners that used predefined grids or scan lines whereas now scanners are recording 10,000 points every time with guaranteed points. As leaders in the field we can develop SiteMonitor to be better and even more flexible, much faster and more accurate in line with modern scanners.”

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