Atlas Copco SmartROC Remote Control Kit Makes Drilling Safer on Rough Terrain

Sept. 2, 2014
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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. – The Atlas Copco SmartROC T35 and SmartROC T40 are the first surface drill rigs in the Atlas Copco family to give operators the option of running the rigs from either the cabin or radio remote control. Upgrading the rigs with a SmartROC radio remote control kit safely extends rig utilization to uneven terrain.

Designed to offer extremely low operating cost in construction and aggregate production, the SmartROC T35, for hole diameters 2 ½ to 4 ½ inches, and the SmartROC T40, for hole diameters 3 to 4 ½ inches, drill to a maximum depth of 92 feet.

The two rigs have been designed with both a low center of gravity and a high ground clearance. This ensures they can perform in the rough terrain that SmartROC Radio Control safely allows them to access.

Addition of an optional winch does not affect ground clearance, since it has been integrated in the rig design. The support leg on either rig is to provide stability during tramming in rough terrain can but can also be used to stabilize the rigs during drilling.

The SmartROC T35 is fitted with the 27 hp COP 1840 rock drill. The SmartROC T40 comes with a 33.5 hp COP 2560 rock drill. A boom reach of 25 feet height for horizontal drilling and 18 feet forward for vertical drilling give the rigs great flexibility.

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Fuel efficiency

SmartROC T35 and SmartROC T40 are equipped with 225 hp Tier 4 engines that use only about half the fuel of comparable rigs in their class by eliminating overall energy loss, system by system. For instance, the operator can adjust flushing air volume and the dust collector fan speed as needed, rather than running them at full power unnecessarily. Engine and compressor speed are self-adjusting according to demand. And three variable hydraulic pumps help to lower engine speed during non-drilling time and tramming.


The SmartROC T35 and SmartROC T40 have 50 percent fewer hoses and 70 percent fewer couplings than other rigs in their class, reducing potential fluid leakage and the number of parts to maintain. Hydraulic valves and electric modules are distributed and positioned at the location where they function, allowing for easier access to components. The hydraulic tank is 58 percent smaller than previous generations, further increasing service access.

2 drills in 1

With the two stroke settings that offer alternative percussion energy level and impact piston frequency, COP rock drills function as if two rock drills in one for even greater energy efficiency. Their unique double dampening system increases the contact of the bit to drill surface, resulting in longer rock tool life and straighter holes.


In addition to Radio Remote Control that allows the operator to perform all key tramming, setup and drilling functions at a safe distance from the hole, options include a Silenced Kit and Hole Navigation System (HNS).

The Silenced Kit reduces noise levels to 12 dB below comparable drill rigs. HNS prevents errors and reduces downtime by using GPS to pinpoint the precise location and inclination of the hole as defined in the drill plan. Addition of HNS capability reduces cost per yard produced.