Measure Up To The Task Hilti Laser Range Meters PD-I and PD-E

Sept. 15, 2014

The new Hilti Laser range meters PD-I and PD-E offer the latest in measuring technology, enabling reliable measuring performance. Whether measuring long distances, calculating areas and volumes, or in difficult to reach situations, the PD-I and PD-E take measurements quickly and accurately. Hilti Pulse Power Technology allows for reliable measurements even under challenging conditions.

Simple to use, these laser range meters have an accuracy of +/- 1/16 inch. The PD-E laser range meter is streamlined for exterior applications. Designed for use in direct sunlight, the new E-paper screen technology allows for superior readability even in the most challenging light conditions. And, the precision optical targeting sight makes long distance measurements up to 656 feet much easier.

The PD-I for interior applications measures up to 328 feet making overhead measurements without the use of a ladder or forklift possible while helping to increase workplace safety. The PDI-1 uses a standard LCD screen with brighter illumination for improved readability in darker areas.

While both tools have a small, compact design, these laser range meters are rugged and durable and are equipped with a sensor automated backlight, inclination sensor for faster indirect measurements and LED reference indicators. Combined with the PDA 72 measuring extension, taking repeated measurements overhead can be achieved ergonomically and fast.

The PD-I and PD-E are also covered by Hilti’s Lifetime Service, a unique service agreement that includes two years of no-cost coverage, which also includes calibration service*

For more information on the Hilti Laser range meters PD-I and PD-E, please contact Hilti Customer Service. From the US,

call Hilti, Inc., at 1-800-879-8000, or in Spanish, call 1-800-879-5000; from Canada, call Hilti (Canada) Corporation at 1-800-363-4458. Additional information can also be found online at or