Power Through Woodcutting with New Cordless and Corded Chainsaws

Sept. 21, 2014

TOWSON, MD (September 16, 2014) ““ BLACK+DECKER announces new cordless and corded chainsaws, perfect additions to the homeowner’s collection of outdoor equipment designed to get cutting chores done easily and efficiently.

The 40V MAX* and 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Chainsaws offer the convenience of cordless maneuverability with the needed power and performance for cutting through dry wood and live logs. The 40V MAX* has a 12 Inch bar and chain while the 20V MAX* features a 10 Inch bar and chain. Both cordless chainsaws include tool-free chain tensioning and provide serious cutting power and fast, efficient cuts. In addition, there’s no need for manual oiling with these chainsaws. The 20V MAX* unit oils the bar and chain with the use of a traditional primer, while the 40V MAX* chainsaw eliminates priming and constantly keeps the bar and chain lubricated.

The 40V MAX* and 20V MAX* chainsaws each come with a charger and a Lithium Ion battery that holds a charge for up to 18 months. BLACK+DECKER offers two cordless battery systems. The 40V MAX* system powers 6 Outdoor Products, while the 20V MAX* system powers more than 20 Outdoor Products, Power Tools and Home Products.

The new line of saws also includes three corded options, a 15A 18 Inch Chainsaw, a 12A 16 Inch Chainsaw, and a 6.5A 10 Inch Corded Pole Saw. All three saws offer auto-oiling, while the two chainsaws also include tool-free chain tensioning. The Pole Saw, which is great for hard-to-reach limbs, extends up to 9.5 feet and offers a powerful inline motor for direct pruning and a clear line of sight while cutting. The durable, lightweight design of the corded saws helps to reduce fatigue, making them great options for lightweight, powerful performance.

Each piece of equipment in this collection starts easily without the hassle of a pull cord. With no gas or oil required to operate these tools, the need for purchasing, mixing, and maintaining these chemicals is eliminated. With the exception of the 16 Inch 12A Corded Chainsaw the rest of the saws feature a premium low kickback bar and chain from OREGON®, a leader in bar and chain manufacturing designed to improve cut speed and minimize vibration. With this collection of outdoor tools, homeowners will be able to accomplish outdoor cutting chores quickly and conveniently, giving them as much time as possible to do the things they enjoy.

Price, Model #, Retail availability:

LCS1240 – 40V MAX* Lithium Chainsaw $199.99 November

LCS1020 – 20V MAX* Lithium Chainsaw $129.99 November

CS1518 – 18″ 15A Corded Chainsaw $99.99 January

CS1216 – 16″ 12A Corded Chainsaw $79.99 January

PP610 – 10″ 6.5A Corded Pole Saw $99.99 November