Leica Lino L2G+ Cross-Line Laser: 400% Improved Visibility with Green Laser Technology

Sept. 29, 2014

The Leica Lino L2G+ uses state-of-the-art green beam laser technology to project brighter and sharper lines much farther than traditional red lasers. The L2G+ wide fan angle laser makes interior aligning and leveling jobs easier and faster.

Green beam line laser in a compact housing

The Lino L2G+ projects accurate (+/- 1/16″ per 16 feet), independent vertical and horizontal lines to create highly visible planes or perpendicular lines. The green laser diode in the L2G+ has up to four times greater visibility than red-beam lasers for maximum visibility in interior applications. Brighter lines make it easier and faster to layout construction details. The direct emitting green diode technology in the Leica Lino L2G+ projects crisper, sharper lines with less speckle. Depending on lighting conditions, workers can see the green lines at distances of up to 100 feet indoors; the extended working range means fewer setups and more time saved.

“Green Laser” in more ways than one

The low energy consumption of the Leica Lino L2G+ makes it possible to work for seven hours with both beams activated-almost four times longer than competing green line lasers. The longer working time burns through fewer batteries, reducing the amount of environmental contaminants in landfills.

Two delivery packages optimized for your needs

The Lino L2G+ standard delivery includes everything necessary for immediate use: standard AA batteries, a high visibility green target plate and magnetic adapter in a compact carrying case. A Pro-Pack is also available and includes the standard package plus a professional carrying case, rechargeable NiMH batteries w/ charger and the TRI 70 crank tripod. The TRI 70 tripod allows for simple and easy height transfer applications. Get the turnkey L2G+ Pro-Pack with its convenient transport case to handle any job.

Leica Lino L2G+ – “Visibly Better”

See the L2G+ in action at STAFDA 2014 Booth #747-749, or visit http://tinyurl.com/kn4ohgz