Topcon Accepts Wichmann Innovation Award for LN-100

Nov. 14, 2014

LIVERMORE, Calif., USA/ CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, The Netherlands–Thursday, November 13, 2014

Topcon Positioning Group announces it has won the Wichmann Innovation Award for best product or best application. The Wichmann Award is awarded annually by an independent jury of leading geopositioning professionals at the Intergeo trade fair in Germany. Selected first place out of nine nominations, the Topcon LN-100 one-operator layout system was chosen with the criteria of “innovation, user-friendliness and practicality” in mind.

“The current acceleration of BIM implementation combined with the necessity for easy-to-use precise positioning solutions that the LN-100 offers, made the Topcon choice a clear winner,” said Ian Stilgoe, director of geomatics for Topcon. “The unique features such as self-leveling, seamless data workflow from design to the field and simplicity of operation were obvious user benefits.

“By removing the unnecessary and to some “˜intimidating’ features of a robotic total station, the LN-100 delivers an ideal dedicated instrument reducing the learning curve for layout and quality control measurement tasks,” said Stilgoe.

This is the third year the Wichmann Innovation Award has been bestowed. “I look forward to next year’s competition where we will once again demonstrate how Topcon innovative solutions improve productivity and quality of its customers projects,” said Stilgoe.