Rock Line Products Announces Compact Equipment Trailer

Nov. 15, 2014

LA VERNE, CA — Rock Line Products, Inc. is excited to introduce you to the Compact Equipment Trailer! Designed with safe and simple loading in mind, the Airtow Trailer is the best choice for loading and unloading skid steers, aerial lifts, forklifts or any other equipment.

Contractors throughout the country are using Airtow Trailers because of the cost savings in loading and the reduction of personal injury liability. The trailer deck remains level as it lowers flat to the ground. You simply drive equipment on and in less than 15 seconds the deck can be raised hydraulically to the travel position. No need for difficult tilt beds or dangerous loading ramps. Equipment is easy to load by one person even in adverse weather conditions. It is ideal for equipment with low clearance and poor traction such as scissor lifts, forklifts, street sweepers, pavement rollers and more!

The unique air suspension automatically adjusts for the weight you are carrying and any side-to-side weight differences, giving a super-smooth, level trailer ride at all times.

Several models from which to choose with sizes ranging from 8 ft to 16 ft. in length and 3,200 lb to 12,000 lb. load capacities. Available in flatbeds, utility, enclosed and gooseneck models.

For more information about Airtow Trailers, visit or call 800-479-7975