JCB Announces Second of Three Videos of New Compact Excavators

Nov. 27, 2014

SAVANNAH, GA (November 26, 2014) – JCB unveils part two of a three-part online video series highlighting the New Generation 85Z-1 and 86C-1 compact excavators. The video showcases the durable machines in action as they tackle a variety of heavy-duty tasks. The video is now live on JCB’s YouTube Page.
Read the original release below for more information on the entire video series.

SAVANNAH, GA (November 20, 2014) – JCB unveils part one of a three-part online video series highlighting the New Generation 85Z-1 and 86C-1 compact excavators. The first video gives viewers an inside look at JCB’s rigorous manufacturing process, while the second and third videos will showcase the durable machines in action and JCB’s innovative approach to product design.
“This impressive video series helps communicate the care and expertise that go into making every single excavator and the unmatched performance, reliability, durability and safety these machines offer,” said Keith Hoskins, Director of JCB Compact Equipment. “Launching on our social media channels enables us to reach a new generation of customers who are seeking different ways to learn about products and handle business.”
Part one of the video series, live today on JCB’s YouTube page and on Facebook, highlights JCB’s expertise in manufacturing. Quality is built into every machine at the production facility in Staffordshire, England as each compact excavator goes through a series of rigorous checks performed throughout the process. The video also shows the class-leading manufacturers who supply key components for the compact excavators.
Part two of the video series will be live on November 26. The second video shows the compact excavators in action, performing a variety of rugged, tough tasks. It demonstrates the range’s versatility and productivity, as well as key features of the excavators, including safety, visibility and an all-new design.
The third and final video will offer an inside look at JCB’s innovative approach to product design. It will be released on JCB’s YouTube page following the second video.
Key Features of the New Generation of Compact Excavators
JCB’s 67C-1, 86C-1 and 85Z-1 feature an all-new H-design undercarriage, robust steel body panels, spacious cabs and Tier 4 final engines that deliver increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs. Powered by JCB by Kohler diesel engines, they provide 10 percent less fuel consumption and meet EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards without the need for a diesel particulate filter.
The compact excavators include JCB’s 2Go hydraulic safety system, requiring the operator to activate the hydraulic system through a button on the right-hand consoles, therefore reducing the chance of operators working the hydraulic levers outside of the cab. Operators must also be seated with a seat belt to activate the hydraulics.
A six percent roomier cab not only offers more space and operator comfort, but also provides 11 percent more visibility, further increasing safety. An updated heating and ventilation system and optional air conditioning improves airflow throughout the cab, improving comfort year round. The cab also tilts to 30 degrees for easier servicing.
Each of the three machines features a sturdy kingpost design with widely spaced bearings to prevent wear. Additionally, the excavators use a new graphite-based pin and bush design, delivering 500-hour greasing intervals for reduced daily maintenance and lower operating costs. The digging equipment has individual hydraulic piping for simplified maintenance and hose replacement.