KOBELCO SK210D Multi-Dismantling Machine Available for US Market

Jan. 17, 2015

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA is has announced that their new SK210D Multi-Dismantling machine is now available in North America. Contractors got a sneak peak at this machine at ConExpo 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where KOBELCO showcased it being used to dismantle an automobile. KOBELCO has manufactured more than 1000 of these machines in Japan since 1979, where they are a demolition market leader.

Popular in scrap metal yards, machines like the SK210D are multifaceted when it comes to dismantling complex equipment that requires delicate handling such as automobiles, where environmental laws require that steps be taken to contain oils and other contaminates that may be harmful to the environment. The speed and accuracy of dismantling automobiles with this machine is increased ten-fold over hand dismantling, savings owners substantially on labor costs and minimizing the risk of fines. Rather than requiring a team of workers, dismantling can now be handled by one machine and one operator. The SK210 is the first of KOBELCO’s demolition machines available in North America.

The SK210 Multi-Dismantling Machine is designed to take apart vehicle bodies, engines and other metal components with precise, safe and efficient operation. Two specialized crushers allow for different dismantling tasks: 1) a multi-dismantling crusher is suited for small-scale separating and the sorting of all types of metal products, including small parts such as electrical fittings and harnesses; and 2) an optional vehicle-dismantling crusher offers a powerful grab, increased cutting force and rotational torque powerful enough to cut through a chassis and frame. The KOBELCO Innovation Clamp Arm features a bowl-shaped grip and power cutting teeth with different shapes on the right and left sides to enable efficient bending, breaking and tearing.

The advanced features highlight KOBELCO’s dedication to providing equipment that functions efficiently and safely in real-world worksite situations and conditions. The new SK210D Dismantling Machine offers a powerful and practical solution to nearly any demolition dismantling task through the use of rugged design, a comfortable operator cab and controls, and an energy-efficient engine and hydraulic system. It is a fuel efficient, eco-friendly machine that will help boost metals recycling.

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA is dedicated to producing a full range of crawler excavators in the 3,000 lb. to 184,000 lb. classes for the rental, landscape, construction, aggregate, roadbuilding, material handling, site preparation, recycling and ancillary markets, including zero tail swing, standard, long-reach and compact models. KOBELCO is well-known worldwide as the excavator authority for its steadfast focus on improving and enhancing its product line. Their new line of demolition equipment stems for the company’s world renowned excavator technology.

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