ICON Introduces New, Larger AG-13 Scraper

Jan. 31, 2015

BELOIT, KS – January 2015 – Once again, ICON Industries has made high-capacity earthmoving, along with the company’s best industrial features, available to the agricultural market – this time in an even larger size.

“Like the AG-11, which was introduced approximately three years ago, the new AG-13 is ideal for the producer whose needs exceed that of box scraper or carryall, but are below that of an industrial scraper,” explains Jamie Meier, ag manager for Landoll Corporation. “However, with a heaped capacity of 13 yards, the AG-13 provides additional capacity to move even more material in a short amount of time. Like the AG-11, and many of the ICON industrial models, the AG-13 features ICON’s patented Swing Wall that ensures smooth, clean and rapid ejection cycles.“

The front gate and eject wall are also finished in dirt-resisting epoxy to maintain efficiency in the stickiest of soils. Meanwhile, the double-wall frame sidewall design increases overall strength and rigidity, while protecting hydraulics.

“The AG-13 feature the same basic design as the AG-11, including a frame engineered around 80,000- and 100,000-tensile-strength steel for maximum durability and reliability,” Meier adds. “We increased the height of the bowl sides to provide more capacity for ag customers with higher-horsepower tractors.”

The AG-13 is also like the AG-11 in that it utilizes a front dolly that not only improves maneuverability via 50 degrees of horizontal movement and 70 degrees of lateral movement, but helps support the load, allowing the use of an average-sized ag tractor. At the same time, the unique design of the dolly allows about six percent of the scraper weight to be transferred to the drawbar for extra traction when loading. Finally, the dolly provides extra lift on the front of the bowl to provide a full 22 inches of ground clearance during transport

“One change we did make on the AG-13, however, was to increase the size of the front wheels on the dolly,” Meier says, noting that the same change has since been implemented on the AG-11. “Now, both models utilize 500/70R x 24 tires for more support and better flotation.”

For more information on the ICON AG-13 Scraper or other ICON products, call 785-738-3547 or visit www.landoll.com.