Topcon Announces New TP-L5 Pipe Laser Series

Feb. 8, 2015

LIVERMORE, Calif., USA/ CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, The Netherlands ““ February 3, 2015 ““Topcon Positioning Group announces that it has upgraded its entire line of pipe lasers. The new TP-L5 series includes five models, providing the widest selection available to meet both performance and budget requirements.

“Topcon pioneered the high-visibility green laser beam almost two decades ago, and today our patented GreenBeam® technology is the undisputed choice for contractors who want the highest productivity in any type of pipe laying conditions,” said Murray Lodge, senior vice president and general manager of the Construction Business Unit.

“The Topcon pipe laser family already included many features to speed set up and productivity not found on any other pipe laser. Now, with the TP-L5 we’ve increased the clarity and brightness of the beam, and improved the operating features of the most versatile, comprehensive line of pipe lasers available.”

With up to four times the visibility of a red beam, the GreenBeam models are designed to provide an ideal solution for long-run pipelines and areas where ambient light is common. New features include an improved operating panel with a high-contrast display for visibility in all lighting conditions. All models also benefit from improved battery life, with up to 20-percent extended operating time for green beam models.

The TP-L5 series offers three green and two red beam choices. The top-of-the-line models provide exclusive vertical alignment beams and SmartLine® automatic target alignment. All models offer the widest grade range in the industry – from -15% to 40% grade, fully automatic self-leveling, rugged metal housing, the option of interchangeable rechargeable or alkaline battery packs, and an IPX8 waterproof rating.

“The TP-L5 is not only backed up by the industry’s most comprehensive line of set up accessories, it also comes with the Topcon five-year guarantee,” Lodge said. “A Topcon pipe laser gives you more choices, more versatility, and more confidence in the reliability of your laser and quality of your work.”