KOBELCO Introduces SK350 and SK500 Mass Excavators to the US Market

Feb. 20, 2015
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Katy, TX — KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA, a world class crawler excavator manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of their SK350 and SK500 mass excavators to the US market. Designed to provide high productivity, both machines offer the ability to efficiently handle mass quantities of material with the largest bucket sizes available.

The KOBELCO SK350 and SK500 mass excavators are true workhorses that shine in power and speed on the jobsite. Engineered to reduce cycle time while loading trucks, the robust 82,200 lb. SK350 mass excavator has an impressive digging force of 55,600 lbs. and utilizes buckets up to 3.01 cu.yds. The powerful SK500 mass excavator weighs 117,300 lbs., boasts a digging force of 61,600 lbs. and can operate with a heaped bucket capacity of 4.45 cu.yds. In addition, both machines are designed with an extremely durable boom and arm. The SK350 mass excavator comes standard with a 7’5″ arm and a 21’4″ boom, and the SK500 with a 7’10″ arm and 28’8″ boom. Built for volume loading applications, the short boom and arm on each of these machines have a larger box section. This feature allows for the handling of larger buckets and the application of higher digging forces for reduced cycle times.

Compared to general purpose front ends, attachments on the KOBELCO SK350 and SK500 mass excavators are much stronger. The special heavy-duty attachments on each of these machines provide excellent durability, allowing installation of the next-class-up shear and hammer. The front end of each model consists of a new stick and linkage, as well as a choice of buckets with substantially increased capacities. Furthermore, both the SK350 and SK500 use standard hydraulic pressures where no additional counterweight is required.

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA is dedicated to producing a full range of crawler excavators in the 3,000 lb. to 184,000 lb. classes for the rental, landscape, construction, aggregate, roadbuilding, material handling, site preparation, recycling and ancillary markets, including zero tail swing, standard, long-reach and compact models. KOBELCO is well-known worldwide as the excavator authority for its steadfast focus on improving and enhancing its singular line of products. KOBELCO machines are well-regarded for their advanced technologies.