New Geith Quick Coupler Control System Provides Greater Attachment Versatility

Feb. 20, 2015

(SUWANEE, Ga. – February 2015) With fewer components than the previous model, the new control system for Geith hydraulic quick couplers simplifies the installation process. The versatile mounting bracket allows users to quickly and easily install the compact control box with suction cups or small screws.

Designed for tough working conditions, the dust and water-resistant control box features four user-friendly buttons – power, unlock, lock and hydraulic pressure signal/bypass. With improved safety features, including an audio warning signal, the Geith control system meets current and proposed safety standards (ISO/DIS 13031).
The new control system provides users with two possible operating sequences: standard and bypass. Standard operation requires the operator to curl the attachment, generating a pressure signal that opens the quick coupler’s locking system. In situations where it is not possible to fully curl the attachment, a bypass function is available to release the locking system on the quick coupler.

With minor modifications, the new Geith control box can be used with the previous Geith hydraulic control system.