Komatsu Announces Equity Participation in Technology Firm

Feb. 20, 2015

Komatsu Ltd. President and CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi announced on Feb. 12, that it now has equity participation in ZMP Inc., in order to facilitate technological collaboration in automation of construction and mining equipment and other areas.

To promote growth strategies based on innovation, one of the basic strategies in the ongoing mid-range management plan ending March 31, 2016, Komatsu emphasizes the development of construction equipment of the future and next-generation mining equipment by applying ICT (information and communication stechnologies) and fundamental technologies as well as collaboration with other companies for innovation. Komatsu made the equity participation as part of these schemes.
ZMP boasts advanced technological expertise in image recognition, sensing and controls in the field of vehicle automation systems. ZMP enjoys outstanding evaluations from the automobile and other industries.

Prior to equity participation, Komatsu was collaborating with ZMP to develop control technology for mining equipment. Through this equity participation, Komatsu is going to further strengthen collaboration in unmanned operation of construction and mining equipment, vehicle automation and other fields. Komatsu will be able to accelerate the pace of providing products and service that are designed to innovate customers’ jobsites, and that ZMP will be able to expand its business domains and expect further growth. In this manner, Komatsu believes that the two should be able to develop and enjoy a win-win relationship.

Komatsu expects minimal impact on its consolidated business results from this equity participation.