CASE N Series Backhoes Go Tier 4 Final; New Model Introduced: The 580N EP

Feb. 25, 2015

CASE Construction Equipment introduces its line of Tier 4 Final backhoe loaders, including the new 580N EP ““ a lower-horsepower version of the company’s popular 580N backhoe that maintains the same backhoe lift capacity and breakout force with greater fuel efficiency and a maintenance-free Tier 4 Final solution. All CASE N Series backhoes come standard with SiteWatch telematics, and can be outfitted with a variety of industry-exclusive standards/options such as Power Lift, Ride Control, Comfort Steer, ProControl, Easy Flex side lights and a mechanical universal backhoe bucket coupler that allows contractors to use attachments from competitive machines on their CASE backhoe. Each machine is also available in the proven CASE Extendahoe® configuration for extended digging and reach capabilities.

All CASE N Series backhoes feature the company’s exclusive over-center design, which transfers weight to the front of the machine for smooth roading and better traction, and allows the operator to dig closer to the machine. N Series controls are simple, with adjustable pilot control towers, a control pattern selector and adjustable wrist rests. Each N Series machine also comes standard with Adjustable SmartClutch, which lets operators customize the feel of forward-to-reverse transitions (smooth, moderate or aggressive) to their preference. All CASE N Series backhoes feature the SmartFit™ bucket tooth system, which features heavy-duty self-sharpening teeth and a hammerless fastener system for easy installation.

The New CASE 580N EP
The New CASE 580N EP is ideal for contractors just getting started and the rental market, with lower owning and operating costs and a maintenance-free Tier 4 Final solution. The 580N EP features CASE’s particulate matter catalyst ““ a combination of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a high-efficiency flow-through filter that requires no fluids and no diesel particulate filter (DPF) maintenance/upkeep. At 74 horsepower ““ and with a backhoe bucket breakout force of 11,517 pounds, backhoe lift capacity of 2,858 pounds, and peak torque of 233 foot-pounds ““ the 580N EP provides ample power and performance while still keeping fuel, maintenance, and owning and operating costs low. While the new model is designed to optimize efficiency and power for price-conscious buyers, it can be outfitted with a full selection of options for greater machine and attachment flexibility.

CASE Continues SCR Leadership with Tier 4 Final N Series Backhoes
All remaining CASE N Series backhoes ““ the 580N, 580 Super N, 580 Super N Wide Track and 590 Super N ““ feature new Fiat Powertrain (FPT) engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to meet Tier 4 Final standards. The system does not include a DPF or any other components that require intensive/long-term maintenance or regeneration. Operators who remember to top off the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank when they refuel will notice no additional regular maintenance activities with the new solution. As an after-treatment system, SCR represents a more efficient use of the backhoe’s fuel, as all fuel is put towards productive effort instead of burning off accumulated particulate in a DPF. It also helps lower operating temperatures compared to backhoes with a DPF.

The Tier 4 Final CASE N Series includes:
-The 580N: The 580N is also designed to provide low owning and operating costs while still delivering a strong platform for contractors to customize as needed. Rated at 90 horsepower with a backhoe bucket breakout force of 11,517 pounds and 2,858 pounds of backhoe lifting capacity, the 580N comes standard with ProControl and can be further expanded with auxiliary hydraulics, Engine ECO Mode, Standard (2WD) or Speed Selectable Automatic (4WD) Ride Control, Comfort Steer, additional work lights and the mechanical universal backhoe bucket coupler.
-The 580 Super N: The 97-horsepower 580 Super N features increased backhoe bucket breakout force (13,975 pounds) and lift capacities (3,251 pounds) over the 580N. This model comes standard with ProControl, work lights, the mechanical backhoe bucket coupler and a shaft guard on 4WD models. Power Lift, Engine ECO Mode, Standard (2WD) or Speed Selectable Automatic (4WD) Ride Control, Comfort Steer and the mechanical universal backhoe bucket coupler are available as options.
-The 580 Super N Wide Track: With larger tires and structural features borrowed from the larger CASE 590 Super N, the 97-horsepower 580 Super N Wide Track provides significantly higher bucket breakout forces (15,070 pounds) and lifting capacities (3,761 pounds) with standard Power Lift technology. The wide track model also comes standard with a limited slip axle. Engine ECO Mode, Standard (2WD) or Speed Selectable Automatic (4WD) Ride Control and Comfort Steer are available as options.
-The 590 Super N: The 110 horsepower CASE 590 Super N is the largest and most powerful backhoe in the CASE family. Standard Power Lift technology raises bucket breakout force and lifting capacities to 15,853 pounds and 4,175 pounds, respectively. It also features a longer standard reach (19 feet, 7 inches) and digging depth (15 feet, 6 inches) than any other CASE backhoe. Engine ECO Mode, Standard (2WD) or Speed Selectable Automatic (4WD) Ride Control and Comfort Steer are available as options.

CASE Options and Industry Exclusives Drive Performance/Value
Each CASE N Series Backhoe is available with a series of options that further extends the operating capacity and efficiency of the machine ““ many of which are exclusive to CASE:
-Power Lift allows contractors to increase hydraulic capacities of the boom, as well as bucket forces. This allows the operator to lift more (as much as 8 percent) with a smaller, more fuel-efficient machine. It also lowers RPMs to provide more control of the load being lifted.
-Speed Selectable Automatic Ride Control automatically turns ride control on and off based on vehicle speed. It also allows for full loader performance at lower speeds when digging into the pile without requiring the operator to turn Ride Control off.
-Comfort Steer allows operators to maneuver quickly, even in confined areas, by taking only 1.5 turns of the steering wheel to go from lock-to-lock (compared to three turns on standard models).
-The industry’s only fully integrated Hydraulic Quick Coupler increases versatility for customers who regularly change buckets/attachments ““ all without leaving the cab.
-ProControl is a swing dampening system that eliminates rebound on the backhoe, providing faster cycle times, less wear on components, greater operator precision and less fatigue.
-Engine ECO Mode encompasses a number of features that includes ECO settings in both loader and backhoe functions to provide 10 percent fuel savings with minimal loss in productivity. It also includes auto engine idle and auto shutdown.
-Auto Engine Protection Shutdown is a separate option that will shut the engine down prior to any critical failures.
-S-Type Auto Shifting Transmission shifts gears automatically when the switch is turned on.
-Heated Air-Ride Seat for optimal operator comfort, night and day.