Montabert V1800 and V2500 Evolution Hydraulic Breakers Provide Extended Service Life Protection

Feb. 27, 2015

(SUWANEE, Ga. – February 2015) The Montabert V1800 and V2500 Evolution hydraulic breakers feature an automatic two-speed variation system – adjusting their impact energy and striking rate to deliver high energy per blow on hard ground and high frequency on soft ground – providing construction and demolition contractors, as well as aggregates producers, with unmatched productivity when processing homogeneous materials.

The heavy-range hydraulic breakers have recently been redesigned to extend service life and reduce operating costs.

The V1800 and V2500 feature a new heavy-duty housing that reflects the design of larger two-speed models, as well as the design of fully variable Montabert hydraulic breaker models. In addition, the hydraulic breakers’ fully enclosed heavy-duty cradles minimize ambient noise on the jobsite and protect working parts from dust and debris.

The new V1800 and V2500 feature two steel bushings. Operators can easily replace the lower bushing in the field without dismounting the breaker from the carrier. The two models also feature a modified lower suspension that extends the service life of the suspension system by reducing the wear on working parts.

An optional soft-start feature is now available on the Montabert V1800 and V2500 hydraulic breakers. Equipped with the soft-start feature – installed before or after purchase – the hydraulic breaker delivers high frequency and low energy at the onset of operation. After a few seconds, the breaker resumes normal operation, delivering higher energy at a lower frequency.

Ideal for activities such as rock splitting and oversize breaking, the soft-start feature minimizes blank firing effects by creating a niche in the material for better positioning and energy transfer – preserving the breaker’s tool retainers and front guide. Further, the operator can manually adjust the hydraulic breaker into high frequency and low energy mode when working on soft ground.

Standard features of the V1800 and V2500 include a blank-fire protection system that reduces harmful metal-to-metal contact and an energy recovery system that recycles recoil energy from the piston to increase strike power.

In addition, the hydraulic breakers’ upper and lower suspension extends the excavator’s work-group life by absorbing harmful vibrations, while an automatic cradle or excavator-mounted grease station delivers continuous grease flow – reducing bushing and tool wear. An optional air pressurization kit is available for underwater applications.

Working tools available for the V1800 and V2500 include a general purpose moil, a blunt tool and a chisel.

Quick Specs: Montabert V1800 Hydraulic Breaker

Carrier Weight: 55100 ““ 66150 lb. (25 ““ 30 t)
Operating Breaker Weight: 4154 lb. (1885 kg)
Tool Diameter: 5-1/2 in. (140 mm)
Flow Range: 37 ““ 58-1/4 gpm (140 ““ 220 L/min)
Striking Rate: 310 ““ 800 bpm
Impact Energy Class: 6000 ft.-lb.

Quick Specs: Montabert V2500 Hydraulic Breaker

Carrier Weight: 59500 ““ 88200 lb. (27 ““ 40 t)
Operating Breaker Weight: 5669 lb. (2570 kg)
Tool Diameter: 6-1/4 in. (160 mm)
Flow Range: 46-1/4 ““ 66 gpm (175 ““ 250 L/min)
Striking Rate: 350 ““ 800 bpm
Impact Energy Class: 8000 ft.-lb.