Construction Site Security Cameras Motion Activated and Night Vision

March 4, 2015

Eye Trax is a solar powered construction site security camera that transmits over the cellular network. Our cameras are triggered by motion (humans or vehicles) and have night vision technology therefore providing jobsite security and surveillance 24/7/365. Picture alerts can be sent instantly as a TXT message and are indefinitely stored on our cloud server. Pictures can be viewed by calendar date and time with our mobile phone application or web based software.

Besides motion activation, our cameras can be placed on an automatic timer to acquire pictures and will produce a LIVE picture when requested. All pictures acquired by the camera can be converted into a high-resolution time-lapse video by using our video creator on the camera interface software.

The price of our camera system ranges from $2,000 to $2,400 and we offer many more features than can be listed in this email so please visit our website to learn more. There is a monthly fee ranging from $60/month to $80/month for unlimited cellular service and use of the software. There is NO contract with the service, you can start and stop at any time. We also offer 3, 6, and 12 month lease programs as well that include the monthly service.