Kenworth Launches New Technology To Improve Vehicle Diagnostics and Productivity

March 27, 2015

LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 25, 2015 ““ Kenworth today announced two new technology products to improve vehicle diagnostics and productivity on the road ““ KENWORTH TruckTech+ and KENWORTH NAV+ HD.

KENWORTH TruckTech+ will be available for new Kenworth Class 8 trucks specified with the PACCAR MX-13 engine starting this summer. Kenworth customers will benefit from real-time vehicle health monitoring technology provided by PeopleNet, the telematics provider for the Kenworth system. The system will allow the PACCAR MX-13 engine to “talk” with the fleet manager, Kenworth call center and Kenworth dealer to optimize truck uptime and productivity.

KENWORTH TruckTech+ saves time by providing clear information to the driver and fleet manager on the proper next steps. Fault codes and engine performance data are sent via the truck’s standard modem to Kenworth’s analytics center, where possible root causes are diagnosed and solutions are recommended via email notification. Notifications may include keep driving, no action required; keep driving and have the fault addressed during the next service interval; head to a dealer for service; or pull over to prevent damage. If the customer needs to take the truck in for service, the system maps out the locations of the three closest repair facilities. In addition, the data is sent to a secure web portal where the fleet manager can review the truck’s location, status, identified issue and recommended solution.

“This system ensures that customers, Kenworth and our dealers are working closely together to maximize uptime,” said Preston Feight, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president. “If a repair is needed quickly, the data can be sent to the servicing dealer in advance so they can be prepared to work on the truck ““ saving customers time and money in initial diagnostics. When the truck arrives, the dealer’s service team can move quickly to remedy the problem.”

While “˜home base’ is kept apprised of truck developments ““ allowing decisions to be made by the fleet manager ““ the driver has access to data as well.

“This new level of analysis and interpretation allows customers to stay on the road longer, or get out of the shop quicker. Kenworth’s goal is to help customers maximize uptime and KENWORTH TruckTech+ will make an important contribution towards that goal,” said Feight.

The system is included for the first two years a new Kenworth Class 8 truck is on the road, or during the duration of an extended engine warranty period, if purchased. After that period, Kenworth’s remote diagnostics tool can be maintained by subscription.

KENWORTH NAV+ HD is a next-generation, multi-function communication and entertainment system that is standard for new Kenworth Class 8 trucks ordered with Kenworth’s premium interior package, and available as an option for all new Kenworth Class 6-8 conventional trucks. It’s designed with numerous options aimed at providing solutions to every day needs.

KENWORTH NAV+ HD features a 7-inch high-definition touch screen, plus integration into the Kenworth SmartWheel® steering wheel. The system offers hands-free Bluetooth phone capability, truck navigation through Co-Pilot, iPod and MP3 integration, integrated SiriusXM satellite radio, virtual gauges, camera inputs and a host of other features. In addition, it offers WiFi capability.

When Co-Pilot is activated, map updates can be checked for and easily downloaded. “It’s a very easy process which allows fleets and owner operators to have access to all the latest road changes and mapping,” said Jason Skoog, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing.

As for the high-definition display screen, Skoog said it’s easier to use with new features compared to the prior system. “We now have “˜pinch and zoom’ capability with several of the apps, which allows the display to be zoomed-in for better scalability and viewing,” Skoog said.

If a rearview camera is added to the truck, it can be integrated into KENWORTH NAV+ HD. “When the truck is put into reverse, the backup camera can be programmed to automatically pop-up on the screen allowing for easier loading-dock connections,” said Skoog. “KENWORTH NAV+ HD is a fantastic system that gives drivers everything they need to make driving easier and more productive. And, when the engine is off, it offers up the connectivity drivers desire to make their truck a home away from home.”

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