O’Brien Launches New Design for 7000 Series

April 4, 2015

Marietta, Ohio. . .O’Brien Hydro Jetter & Sewer Vacuum Systems, a product of Hi-Vac Corporation, has launched a new design for its 7000 Series of O’Brien Trailer-Mounted Jetters.

O’Brien 7000 water tanks now include a sediment sump for easier cleaning and longer life as well as 15% more water capacity. The new design offers improved sight lines as the muffler and air cleaner are now mounted inside the enclosure, also creating less
chance for damage.

The reel control is now electric rather than hydraulic, which provides a smoother rotation and ease of control. The jetter now includes a more powerful water pump that delivers greater reliability.

Finally, the hydraulic and water gauges are now mounted in the main control panel for easier viewing.

Ehren Amrine, O’Brien product manager, commented, “This new design is a lighter weight than the previous model, which will help save fuel and offer greater payload capacity. The new design also has the muffler and air cleaner mounted inside the enclosure, which creates an improved line of sight while reducing the chance of damage from external elements. We’ve done everything we can to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the O’Brien 7000 Series for our customers.”

For more information on the newly designed O’Brien 7000 and the rest of the O’Brien product line, visit www.obrienmfg.com.