“Low & Slow Across America’s Infrastructure” Tour Travels the Most Beautiful Stretch of Interstate in the US; Onward Towards California!

June 9, 2015

After getting some much needed TLC from the Denver DPW and their talented mechanics, Dan, Aileen and Mrs. Martin left Denver to start their climb up the Rocky Mountains. Dan kept a close eye on the 1949 Hudson’s vitals as they continued west along I-70, passing the Eisenhower Tunnel on their way to Glenwood Springs.

Stan and Cindy Orr of the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) hosted the “Low and Slow” crew in Glenwood Springs. Prior to their arrival, Cindy sent a message to Dan and Aileen: “Enjoy the drive tomorrow. You will be seeing the most beautiful 18 miles of interstate, according to Frommers.” Dan couldn’t have agreed more after making the drive, “Stunning was the trip down along the Colorado River. I-70, rivaling a section of highway in Hawaii called H3, is mind bendingly beautiful!”

Mrs. Martin at the City of Denver public works department’s natural gas filling station. (That’s Dan McNichol and John McCarty, Executive Director of Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority, by the yellow poles in the background.)

Once they arrived in Glenwood Springs, Dan and Aileen got a chance to meet with the Grand Avenue Bridge project leaders. Both parties seemed hopeful that the new bridge would be completed with the same expertise and beauty they saw on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon earlier that day. Project leaders were looking forward to working with CDOT in the coming months.

After leaving Glenwood Springs, Mrs. Martin turned northwest, arriving in Salt Lake City on Saturday, June 6. After a brief rest, the “Low and Slow” tour hit the road again, traveling across Utah and Nevada, reaching Reno this morning (6/9). Stay tuned this week as the tour gets ready to tackle the last state on its route – California!

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