Subsurface Contractors Selects B2W Software’s Unified Estimating and Operations Platform to Gain Efficiencies and Competitive Edge

Aug. 18, 2015

Portsmouth, NH – August 03, 2015 – B2W Software, a leading provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions, today announced that St. Louis, Missouri-based, Subsurface Contractors (Subsurface) has selected the company’s Maintain construction software, with future plans to adopt the company’s Dispatch, Estimate and Track solutions. Currently, B2W Maintain is enabling Subsurface to streamline its back-office processes for better reporting, inventory tracking and field support, while gaining a competitive edge for bidding.

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Subsurface has a long history of expertise in the foundation construction industry. From drilled shafts and driven pile to auger cast pile and vibro stone columns, Subsurface has expanded over a century from a traditional foundation, to a full-service geotechnical contractor. Although the company’s skills in construction continue to evolve, Subsurface had difficulty finding industry software that could keep pace with its needs–without being cumbersome and difficult to operate.
“We were using a patchwork of various construction software packages, as well as spreadsheets and handwritten forms to track vehicles, materials in the field, as well as inventory items,” said Jim Morgan, president and principal, Subsurface Contractors. “We needed to find a more efficient means to support our field personnel and keep track of inventory, repairs and downtime.”
In addition, Subsurface also sought a more efficient means for:
· Producing more accurate bids
· Establishing a central operational database
· Eliminating the use of paper tickets
· Better inventory visibility for equipment support
· More accurate reports on equipment repair costs

“Our former maintenance software required too many clicks to create and process work orders. B2W Maintain ties our front and back office functions together with a simple process that makes the company more efficient and competitive. We are now accomplishing the same tasks in two or three clicks with B2W Maintain that took us up to 15 clicks with previous construction software packages,” Morgan concluded.

Moving forward, Subsurface is planning on implementing B2W Dispatch, Estimate and Track later in the Fall of 2015.

About B2W Software Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, B2W Software (aka, BID2WIN Software™) is a premier provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions that is redefining the future for streamlined operations. Powered by the unique ONE platform, B2W solutions effectively leverage the latest technologies into a unified system for estimating and bidding, field tracking and analysis, resource planning and dispatching, equipment maintenance and repair and information management and analysis.