Nov. 3, 2016
TITAN INTERNATIONAL INC.Titan International, Inc. (“Titan”) has released the Titan TGS2, a new line of radial all-season tires for motor ­graders. The TGS2 provides optimum ­stability, regardless of weather, and reliably plows through snow-packed roadways while maintaining a smooth, safe ride. The TGS2 is available in both standard and low sidewall (LSW) ­sizes. The TGS2 tread has an open-shoulder design with a full ­tread-depth across its surface, ­providing ­superior ­traction in snow, ice, and mud. The siping on the lugs provides an ­additional biting edge that allows this ­rugged tire to perform where ­others would struggle, ­especially in foul
ROTOTILTRototilt’s launched three new tilt­rotator models with ­enhanced control ­system technology for excavators from 10 to 30 tonne class: the R4 for 10- to 16-tonne excavators, R6 for 15- to 24-tonne class, and R8 for excavators up to 30 tonnes. These models—with optional rotate and tilt sensors and Rototilt’s ICS (Innovative ­Control System)—allow operators to see tilt and rotation angles in a compact display monitor, provide a return to dig “home” function, and are GPS ready. Other features with Rototilt’s ICS system include proportional control of all Rototilt functions using only one auxiliary hydraulic circuit, a shake/pulse mode for spreading materials, and Rototilt speed settings for four different
KOMATSU AMERICA CORP.Komatsu America Corp.’s WA270-8 wheel loader is equipped with an EPA Tier 4 Final certified engine; this addition to the wheel loader family combines high ­production with low fuel consumption and improved ­operator comfort. The WA270-8’s parallel-lift linkage, with auto tilt-in to simulate a Z-bar, can be used in ­virtually any application from pallet handling to hard ­digging. Fuel consumption is lower by up to 3% in V-cycle loading and 2% in load-and-carry applications. Standard features of the new WA270-8 include under-the-hood performance enhancements, in-cab enhancements, as well as additional features and
VAC-TRONVac-Tron Equipment’s Hydro Truck Vac (HTV) series of PTO (power take off) truck-driven systems is available with 300- to 800–gallon size debris tanks. The PTO of the truck drives positive displacement vacuum blowers that produce 1,000 CFM. These units are standard with a high-pressure water system, full hydraulic rear doors, reverse pressure, and the patented “Big Red” filter housing that cleans the air down to 0.5 microns. The HTV PTO units give the performance needed to take on the tough jobs in a compact package. The 300-gallon unit is available on a F-550 chassis, the 500-gallon unit on a F-650 chassis, and the 800-gallon unit on a F-750
PRECOPRECO Electronics, the worldwide leader in radar-based object detection systems for heavy-duty equipment, has developed a flexible and advanced object detection radar: the PreView Sentry. Did you know that the average cost of construction equipment accidents is almost $45,000? The number is staggering. PreView Sentry alerts operators of people or objects in equipment blind zones with audible and visual in-cab alerts, allowing them to take the appropriate action to mitigate the potential
TRACKING PADSTracking Pads, LLC are heavy-duty mats made from recycled rubber that can be laid down at construction entrances and exits and essentially remove mud, sediment, and other debris from vehicles and equipment, capturing debris before it can be tracked out onto the roadway. Each mat measures 12″ x 12″ and can be laid side by side to fit the width of any entrance. The mats are also easily transportable from site to
DITCH WITCHFor job sites that need the power and versatility to tow heavier loads and increased payload, the Ditch Witch FXT50 truck vacuum excavator now includes a tandem rear-axle option. The tandem rear-axle model is designed to handle heavy spoils while towing a trailer, reducing overall job-site equipment and fuel expenses. In addition, the tandem-axle option includes both a receiver hitch and pintle hitch to meet the unique towing needs of any job. For additional versatility, Ditch Witch customers can customize the truck with a variety of features, such as tank sizes, wireless hydraulic booms, and reverse flow. The model remains the quietest vacuum excavator in its horsepower class and offers some of the best filtration in the
DRUMCUTTERS INTERNATIONAL INC.Rotary drum cutter attachments are primarily used for grinding rock and concrete. The quiet, low vibration ­operating characteristics makes these particularly ­suitable for work in sensitive areas. In some ground ­conditions, rotary drum cutter attachments work faster than traditional breakers. In trenching, the fine-grained spoils and accurate trench profile can also save money by reducing trucking and purchasing of material for ­backfill. Drum­cutters International Inc. have a range of excavator attachments designed to improve productivity and lower costs, compared to more traditional